Internet Download/Upload Speed Moniter software ?

So i want to have a software that can monitor my download / upload speed and show me whenever i want it. (even if it is a month later)

Utorrent has an inbuilt one but it can only show a max of like ~10 hrs.

Prefering a free one.

Any help?

1) NET Traffic Meter – seems to be NetMeter itself in a different skin at first sight. But there are differences, not that much but enough to let it come in second here. First I have to remark that I found two versions of this tool (not on the original homepage thought which seems to have been replaced by an advertisement site). The older version, 1.6 from 2004 turned out to be better and more capable than the newer version 2.1. The newer version wasn’t able to detect any network devices in Vista anymore.

2) NetMeter – became finally number one in my eyes after a long time being undecided between this tool and NET Traffic Meter. NetMeter is a simple beauty, graphically as well as in regards to quality and usability. When NetMeter starts it stays on top of other windows awaiting your right mouse click in its window area. The first stop you want to make is the Option menu. You will notice that you have quite a load of features to choose from to make NetMeter measure what you want and present it to you as you want.

3) onlineeye_prof

Download internet meter

download gigaget download manager..

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