I only attract black guys ( Not racist)?

So I’m a white girl , &amp: I attract only black guys . I’m not even aloud to date black guys because my parents don’t believe in that . I’m dating a Latino &amp: all of his friends like me . They don’t know me , but they like me .? They’re all black too . Well ones white but the rest are black . Is it because of my image .? As in , do I look easy or something .? /:
Again I’m not being racist , I’m just curious because ever since I turned 13 only black guys or mixed guys are attracted to me .

black men will stick it in anything!

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Black guys like anyone! Your pretty too so that’s probably why they like you and you seem like you’d be a cool person.

&quot:The one thing a black man can’t resist: A white girl.&quot: ~ My best friend!! 🙂

&quot:(Not Racist)&quot:? Hun, I’ve seen your other answers.

And by God, you show your eye, how are we supposed to answer from that?
Plus it’s preference. Who cares what you attract? Ask the whites in your community.

You have an interesting unique look with beautiful dark features, that’s why. Black men are attracted to melanin( the gift of God) and you have a generous share of that. Unlike some pasty sun fearing white chic.

i doubt its you. most black men hit on white girls because in black culture they think that white women are &quot:whores&quot: &amp: &quot:easy.&quot: (not my words) also there seems to be a rift between black women &amp: black men where black women are hard on black men &amp: give them attitude so it drives them away. so if theyre hitting on you. its because youre white &amp: they likely think youre easy sex.

and i dont see why white men wouldnt be attracted to you. youre attractive.

Cute as heck.

just be open minded, try not to listen to the media because the government is a liar !

thats a good thing

I pray you don’t end up murdered like Jana Shearer with your ear being filleted on the stove because you thought it was cool to date a black guy.

Your grammar is atrocious by the way.

Your avatar looks black.

But your cute, and i don’t see why we’re not attracted to you. I am.

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