I need a good dog name for a cubs fan!?

O.k so we’re getting a female Golden Retriever Poodle cross in a few weeks. In our family we have a history of naming our dogs after things to due with the Chicago Cubs. My mom had a dog named Cubbie about fifteen years ago and i have two cousin dogs Lou and Wrigley. so i really need a name that has to due with the Chicago Cubs and is for a girl. any help is appriciated! thanks!

First off, I LOVE the cubs!! I had a dog named Wrigley myself 🙂

How about Caray? As in Harry Caray?

I&quot:m a extensive cubs fan. My widespread participant grow to be Mark Grace. i’m so happy he have been given his worldwide sequence ring. Too undesirable he had to do it in Arizona, yet he deserved it. in case you ever get a huge gamble circulate to Wrigley field and watch a interest. you will in no way ignore the adventure.

What if she decides she likes the red socks better?

just say hey can we name her like something not to do with the bears?

Hopeless Loser&quot:?

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