I cry all the time and become upset very easily… please help?

I have had two babies back to back they are 13 months apart. My husband and I are split. And I have moved into my mothers house. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am sad and angry all the time. Little things can set me off. Please help

&quot:two babies back to back they are 13 months apart. My husband and I are split. And I have moved into my mothers house.&quot: hmmmmmmmmmmm??? obviously see a shrink instead of asking stupid questions like this someone needs to know you in order to see why you are so upset nobody is a mind reader though you should know your self why you are so upset it seems that all the negative things you have listed contribute to your sadness

Divorce/seperation alone is enough to make someone cry – I agree with the others, do yourself a favour and try to get some counseling, a compassionate listening ear. If there’s nothing affordable at least get some books out from the library on the subject and definitely google support groups for mothers and/or the newly divorcing in your area. Some contact with other moms, especially single moms will help. Plus you are probably exhausted from sleep deprivation with kids that young. Take good care of yourself sister, things will get better in time if you get some more support, I’ll send you some prayers – ((HUG)).

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Depression self-help
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Depression self-help

WebMD depression health check:

National Mental Health Consumer Self-Help Clearinghouse
(800) 553-4539

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
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National Mental Health Association Hotline
800-969-NMHA (6642)

When you’ve had this much going on, it’s natural that it wouldn’t take a massive amount to affect you. There’s honestly only so much people can take on their own, maybe think about seeing a counsellor or your doctor to get yourself some support. You’re not doing anything wrong by getting it, it be frank you’re already handling more than most people can imagine.


Aside from 2 small babies, you gave so much stress. See a Doctor!

You answered your own question now print what you wrote and take it to your medical doctor. I am sorry you are having so mich trauma.

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