How did your parents meet each other?

Mine met at the shop where my dad was working. My mom worked in a bank across the street and went to the shop for lunch…that’s about as interesting as it gets…
(My mom has some pretty interesting stories from when she was single…one of them included being chased around her couch by a Greek sailor…hmmm…yeah….)

She was going to be forced into a marriage from this weird guy (A) that she couldn’t stand.. my grandmother took her to her aunt’s house.. and my dad (B) was visiting my grandma’s aunt.. so they met.. later on (A) didn’t show up to choose the wedding rings and my dad sent someone asking if my mom was single… As my grandma was pissed off at (A), she send back that person saying that she’s single… all that in one day .. a friday… saturday both of the families gathered to make it official, and monday they got engaged…. two months later they got married and what a coincidence you ask this question…. cause today was their 37th wedding anniversary 🙂

They lived in the same town: although both knew each other but they never really started out. Because both have friends from different society.
Dad was career man, didn’t bother about chasing skirts.
While mum’s plenty of friends &amp: social life. Both busy with their works. Until a certain age, both were intro. for an arranged marriage. Met up for some time &amp: got married.

Theirs is a story of how marriage wasn’t based on love but love was learned &amp: create in the process after years.

My mom and dad met at Church interior the previous due 80s. They have been presented to eachother via their pals, then they spent the summer season of ’87 working interior the church cafe jointly, and bonded over KFC afterwards! They have been given engaged after basically 6 months of understanding eachother, in November ’87. My mum replaced into 28, my dad replaced into 23. they’re nonetheless jointly, been married considering that March ’88 🙂 My dad is a Sagittarius, my mum is a Virgo. i’m a maximum cancers.

Good question Kumara.

My lebanese granny (dad’s side) had a shop, where my uruguayan granny used to go shopping with my mom.
My dad met my mom at the shop….
loollllll……my dad made a long way for getting married.
From Lebanon to South America !!!

Well , my parents met in Lebanon during WW2.

Dad was serving as a soldier in the British army based in Tripoli &amp: met Mum at the hospital in el Mina where she was a nurse . He was introduced to her family by the American Doctor who ran the hospital &amp: the rest is history.

They married in England in ’47…

My parents were from two different towns. My dad saw my mom one day when he was visiting friends and asked what her name was. He ended up calling her to ask if she wanted to go swimming in the river (bear in mind this was the 1950’s and they were in their twenties) with friends. My mom said &quot:I don’t swim&quot: and hung up on him. He persisted on asking her out and they did, got married a short time later, and were happily married for 34 years before they passed away. It’s really a cute story.

At a dance at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 1959. Supposedly my uncle saw my mom first at the dance, but when he saw his younger brother (my dad) make his move he stood back. My dad was a Junior majoring in business and my mom was a Freshman majoring in education at the time.

As students at Syracuse University.

my mum came to work in Singapore and she is from Malaysia. And that how she came to know my dad and now in their ripe old age they just got baptized in Easter and living their new life together 🙂 I am always amazed their marriage is made in heaven.

hey beautiful

lol my parents used to go to the same school… and once he got himself and my mum in trouble so they can stay in &quot:detension &quot: together… and then he was talking to her.. she got annoyed from him and was just about to leave the room and he said to her &quot:if you leave now it means you like me&quot: (eithere way he was happy) lol and then she left.. he kept teasing her about that.. they talked and got married!!!

yep yep you know this is a sweet story … common… show me the best answer… what? theres is betterstories here ! but i took long to write this.. cause i had to cut bits off cause it was tooo long !! lol

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