How cold are Aquarius males?

When would a aquarius male show emotion?
And how do you tell moon signs and sun signs

Aquarius males will be quite cold and aloof until they really care about you, then they will open up and let you in. Aquarians may not always show emotion in the most conventional ways, but will always go out of our way to show we not only care about you, but understand you as well.

To find your placements (sun, moon, rising, venus etc) you need to generate a natal chart. You can do this by going to a site like www.astro.com or www.astrotheme.com and entering in your (or someones) date of birth, birth time (exact) and birth location. This will bring up all your planets, houses and aspects.

cold as ice…. no jk. I know 4 aquarius males and they are all different, but always secretive and a bit weird. Super smart, silent learners and anyone is a potential friend. I think Aquarians are afraid of hurting people with the blunt facts from their insane yet genius minds. They over analyze everything before they speak, lucky you, they didn’t throw a book at you, and insted gave you a few words of wisdom. :&gt:

I think there’s a few different breeds of Aquarians. I have met sensitive Aqua males and very detached Aqua males. The detached one’s that don’t express a lot of emotion I find difficult to get along with but I definitely know it’s there because they show it in their behavior.

I have an Aquarius sister. I don’t know if they’re considered that cold. They show emotion when no one is watching.

Aquarius energy is the least emotionally sensitive energy… so that answers that there.

You find sun and moon signs by looking up natal charts

they are pure idiots not husband material at all .I’m a sagittarius and i have dated 4 of them ,the first one was married but separated he lead me on 6 yrs never got a divorce from his wife and he was very mean to the point of EVIL! DEMONIC! HE COULD BE NICE AS HECK TOO WHICH WAS CRAZY ,BIPOLAR PERSONALITY CHANGES , THE SECOND ONE WAS A SWEETHEART BUT HE was also a cheater and married but we got along just fine untill i started asking him if he wanted more kids ,aquarius men are terrible dads and have quick tempers but they love little girls ,incest and porn online. my 3rd aquarius was a flirt a huge flirt but he wanted a relationship at the same time. 4th aquarius was a asshole who loves to flirt online facebook ,tagged you name it hes there trying to screw your life up.

I don’t know but the aquarius females I know are ******* looney tunes.
Not all are, but the ones I know and It’s not a compliment ladies and gentlemen.

Keep them in the deep freezer and find out.

They are probably the most aloof of all the signs.

very cold

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