Do you think the US is providing stability or instability to the Middle East?

The middle east is known all over the world to have huge reserves of oil.

Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world, its former leader – Saddam Hussein was a close friend of the US. The US provided him with chemical weapons and know how in his fight against Iran (Iraq-Iran war) and for uprisings. These uprisings (Dujail) happened in 1982 with the aid of the US, yet he was only prosecuted after he and the US government were not allies.

This is clearly evidenced by Donald Rumsfeld handshake and visit to Iraq in the mid 1980s

When the US didnt get along with Saddam, they created sanctions against Iraq and created a program called ‘oil for food’.

Currently, the Saudi government – one of the biggest violaters of Human rights and best friends with the US government are on strong friendship terms.
What if the relationship turns soar?? Will the Saudis then be brought to justice??

Next on the list is Iran – who became unpopular when the ‘Islamic revolution’ took place.

What you’ve posted is true. Add to that…. SH demanded payment for ‘his oil’ in gold – he not trusting the US$ – the US gold reserves being so low couldn’t afford that gold payment – thats why ‘he’ was removed.

Gaddafi the same – once friends of the west (at different times) demanded gold for ‘his oil’ instead of the US$….’he’ was removed – none of these actions were to do with the peoples gaining (so-called) democracy….it was all about the way the US/World pays for its middle-east oil…..ie: US$’s not gold payments.!!

The Saudi’s also began demanding gold – Gaddafi had meetings with them in the beginning in earlier years – but later when seeing what happened to SH/Gaddafi they stopped those demands.

The US has a huge naval base in Bahrain thats why the US ‘ignores’ those actions by these Saudi’s countries against there own peoples…..those actions being the same as SH/Gaddafi/Egypt/Tunisian leaders who were removed and now Assad (Syria) – but these Saudi countries all left alone….talk about false ‘one sided’ political alliances….the US does them all.

These Saudi’s will never ever be brought to justice for ‘there’ criminal actions against their own peoples…..the supply of oil is far more important than peoples rights – a ‘blind eye’ is readily turned by western governments and politicians when neccessary – as is proved every single day via general media reporting.

Due to the US foreign policy, that region of the world has never been peaceful and its all down to oil. Our economies are all built up on oil, of course we have our OWN reserves but its cheaper if we take others and then when it runs out, we can charge extortionate prices for our own reserves

Stability of course- Do you see all the photos of all the men wearing New York Yankees hats.?

America was on a mission to rid us of the &quot:evil-doers&quot: there can’t be a war against evil, unless it has a face, name, crime against humanity, ect. our troops have to get out of that cess-pool. we’re never going to &quot:fix&quot: that sandhole

I believe you answered your question.

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