do dead relatives visit love ones .?

yes i had many dreams where my dead grandpa visited me . at first i was scared because i didnt know if it meant i was going to die sometime in the future and this was poppys way of preparing me to cross over with him . you see i been having some health promblems the doctor recently found a lump in my thyroid i had a ultrasound done on my thyroid on wednesday . does this mean i may have cancer . maybe that is why my grandpa is visiting me to tell me not to be scared . is this true . my grandpa is preparing me to die . and god is saying dont be scared i am there with you . is this true . thank you .

Yes Marcella P,

We can be and sometimes are visited by those who have gone before us. Your Grandpa may be trying to tell you something or may just be trying to comfort you as he probably did in this life.

Both my wife and I have been visited by deceased relatives on a number of occasions. Her dad, whom I never had a chance to meet, was with us on our weeding day (she was very happy).

Also, a few years back, we purchased an old farm house that we intended to remodel. An elderly lady in her 90’s had died in the house about six months before we purchased it. My wife had a very strong feeling that the previous owner was with us for about a year until the deceased felt comfortable that we were really doing a good job and trying to take care of the old house. My wife remembers the day that the old woman seemed to say thank you and good bye. Some of the deceased friends have also mentioned to us that she would be very happy with what we have done with the house. We then tell them our story 🙂

As for your situation, I will add you to my prayers. You should look to the Lord for strength and comfort and know that He will do what is best for you.

May The Lord Bless You And Keep You Always.

John 3:16
&quot:For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.&quot:

first of all, finding a lump on your thyroid is probably not anything you have to worry about. I found 7 in one day and freaked! It turns out that I had goiters because my thyroid doesn’t function properly. Meds have taken care of that!

Secondly, yes our loved ones do visit us in times of need. I have had more than one experience. If your Grandfather was a loving, calming influence in your life, he is probably just trying to comfort you because you are afraid that you may have a deadly disease because of the lump you found.

If you have any questions about this, you can email me. I have been dealing with a thyroid disorder for a dozen years.

Please don’t worry about it too much. Stress can make your thyroid worse. Just accept your Grandfathers comfort, get a little rest and RELAX!!!

It is not true. My father came to visit me. That was about 20 yrs ago. i remember it like it was yesterday. He came to pick me up to take me shopping. I was so scared to go with him &amp: i didn’t that timebecause i heard if you go with someone that is dead in your dream then you will die .
When i told my mom about the dream she told me don’t be afraid that is your father he would never hurt you. He came to visit you. Don’t be afraid he loves you.
After that i had another dream a few months later and my father came again. I was nervous even in my dream but i still went with my dad and he took me clothes shopping and we ate then he brought me back home. He started to walk away and i started yelling NO No please don’t go stay with me. I was so sad i remember. even when i woke up i cried cause i missed him so much and wanted to spend more time with him.
I have never seen him in my dreams again. I think it was a way for him to say his last goodbye.

I don’t think so. It is probably your own unconscious mind dreaming about your grandpa because you are worried about the results of your thyroid test.

yes relatives that have crossed over do visit relatives again. i dont know if your pappi is trying to tell you you are dying. my gosh, a lump doesnt necesarilly mean you are dying, but they can be there to comfort you if you are scared and just because they want to be near you they will come back to visit. i have had my dad come and give me a message that really came true. you just need to enjoy his presence and realize he is there for you always. merry christmas.

It’s just your grandfather’s way of trying to comfort you through hard times. He just wants to be there for you like he was when he was alive. He is not preparing you to die. He knows you need him so he is there for you. That’s all. Hope that helped.

specific, this often happens once you lose a chum. My mom died whilst i replaced into sixteen and that i dreamed that she replaced into status on the top of the line waving to me. i might run and run to fulfill her yet basically in the past I have been given there, she wld turn a nook and as quickly as I have been given there, she replaced into long gone. Psychologists might say that it quite is as a results of fact we choose them returned plenty. an identical element got here approximately some years later as quickly as I lost my dad. He could be calling me from upstairs. I cld see him from the backside of the stairs yet as quickly as I have been given there – he had long gone. the two cases I gave the look to be working in treacle – very slowly and getting desirous to get there as tho’ if i could basically get there in time i could save them from demise a approach or the different. That replaced right into an prolonged time in the past yet even now whilst i think of to myself how plenty i choose my mum, i visit dream approximately her. it quite is reassuring. yet for me – basically aims. Mo An atheist

Please consider that the most LIKELY explanation for this dream is that it was JUST A DREAM. You were stressed about your health, and your grandfather is a comforting figure to you, so your unconscious mind manufactured a dream with him in it. It’s no more complicated than that.

Cancer is not always a death sentence.Maybe it was just poppys way to let you know that you are not alone.And to not be afraid.

It’s possible. I’ve been around long enough to not discount anything. I’ve heard &amp: seen things I can’t explain.

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