Can you point out the media propaganda in this election?

Here is the OPPOSITE of REALITY list:

All of Obama’s ads are true, McCain’s ads all lies
Obama was never against the surge
Obama never tried to delay troop withdraw
Franklin Rains never advised Obama
Obama has no terrorist ties
Obama has no ties to lobbyists
Obama is patriotic and loves America
Obama was never a Muslim
Obama is not a liberal
Obama never heard Rev Wright’s racist comments
Obama has many accomplishments
McCain was never in the Cone of Silence
McCain will start a new cold war
McCain’s fault that Russia invaded Georgia
McCain failed to VET his VP
The economic crisis is the fault of republicans
Palin was never against earmarks
Palin used her personal email for government business
Palin spent that bridge money on a tanning bed
Palin makes woman pay for their own rape kits
Palin is too dumb to be a heart beat away
Palin wants to overturn Roe V. Wade
Palin wants to deny your abortion
The trooper-gate investigation is non partisan
Palin abused her power as governor
All those other republicans in Alaska can be trusted to tell the truth about Palin

Did I miss any?

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