any irish or english familys living in australia?

if any familys could give me information about moving to oz where to live and work my husband is 33 carpet fitter and my kids are 14 and 5 we are going 4 one month in sep to check it out dont no weather to go to perth brisbane or maybe melbourne house price would have about 450 to 500.000 thaks a mill if u can give me information x

I’m not English or Irish,but my husband and children are alI Irish.
(I’m Australian).I moved back to Australia with my family almost 2 years ago.
We are living about an hours drive from Melbourne and my husband and children absolutely love where we live.My children at the time when we first arrived were 13,9 and 2.
We chose to live outside Melbourne as the houses are way cheaper,and my husband finds it easy enough to commute to work if he’s working in Melbourne,and an hour and a bit by train,and another larger town a half an hours drive a way.Where we are living you can still by a really nice 4 bedroom house for around $250,000 to $300,000,which allows my Husband and I to save enough money for my husband to go home with one of our children every year.The schools my children go to were absolutely brill helping my children settle in.Their classes are already planning some thing special for them for Paddy’s day,which both my children are excited about and makes them feel not so home sick,which they can still get at times.
I hope I was of some help.Feel free to email me if you need any more help or advice.Take care.

Yes there is huge amounts over here. In Perth you hear English accents where ever you go. Perth is lovely but so isolated from the rest of the Country. It is big and well spread out. i think you would like it . Perths wealth has a lot to do with the mining industry. Perth is clean and the weather is great. Melbourne is good for the business couple a bit more of a rat race for the children. Brisbane is similar but it has wonderful places nearby . The GoldCoast is 1 hour down the motorway and the Sunshine coast is north . You would possibly have more opportunity in Brisbane. Can you get a flight for your visit with a stopover in Perth then fly out of Brisbane. Hire a car in Brisbane and take a trip to The goldcoast

I’m English. The sterotype that all of the other UK nations hate the English is overexagerated but does have some elements of truth. For instance in Wales, people from South Wales dont seem to have the same amount of problems with the English as people from North Wales who seem to despise us. Most Irish people i have met don’t have a problem with us and the one Scottish person i have met liked us aswel. The only times that any animosity is really displayed between the nations is during Football or Rugby matches where it is said that Scotland, Ireland and Wales are jelous of the English because England always tends to do better in competition. There isnt a sterotype over here that the Scottish and Welsh are stonger than the English or that the English can’t fight’ so its weird that u have it in Australia. If anything I’ve heard that Aussies aren’t kind of weak and too laid back to fight. Theres a certain sense of arrogance with British men as they believe that when they go on holiday to Australia the men over there won’t be a match for them when it comes down to strength and that they will be able to have all of their women easily so i guess that every nation has sterotypes about each other. Anyway have a G’day Mate.

Perth is desperately short of tradesmen. So if your husband is a carpenter he would not be short of work. An average priced house is about $450,000 to $60,000, just depends on where abouts you want to live. Its a great place to bring children up, when we came our children were 5 and 8 and i have never regretted coming here. Perth has a high intake of English people.

You will irish and english families all over Australia, so it doesn’t matter which town you go to, your sure to bump into some. My partners Family is from Somerset.

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