A question about fascism and the United States….is it good for our country?

Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology (generally tied to a mass movement) that considers individual and other societal interests subordinate to the needs of the state, and seeks to forge a type of national unity, usually based on, but not limited to, ethnic, cultural, or racial attributes. Various scholars attribute different characteristics to fascism, but the following elements are usually seen as its integral parts: nationalism, authoritarianism, statism, militarism, corporatism, populism, totalitarianism, anti-communism, racism and opposition to economic and political liberalism. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, racism is not a requirement of Fascism

There’s not much to talk about when trying to figure out the benefits of Fascism. People say this because they’re tired of watching what’s happening in America and how it relates to the tenets of Fascism. Anyone paying attention to the current state of our country knows that we’re heading down an extremely troubling path. Some even believe that America is turning into a mixed up combination of a Fascist/Socialist/Communist police state.
Elements of Fascism:
Powerful idea of nationalism
Powerful executive control in government
Lower human rights outlook
Military reigns supreme
Corporations wield great power
Idea that National Security is at great risk to some threat
Identifying of enemies/scapegoats that unifies citizens in Patriotism
Mass media controlled by State and Corporations
Fixed elections
Rampant corruption
Unlimited power held by police force
America doesn’t need any of these things. If anyone felt like any of these elements are necessary, they would move to Cuba.

No, fascism is totally contrary to our founding principles. The founding fathers wanted limits to state power and a very loose national unity. They strongly believed in the civil liberties that fascists usually crush. Initially, the founders did not believe that the US even needed a standing army. They were clearly against militarism.

As liberals, America’s founders believed in individual freedom and were highly suspicious strong, unchecked central governments. Thus they created a system of three branches of government with each one checking the power excesses of the others. Fascism is the opposite of this, it concentrates power in the hands of one person or perhaps, at most, a few people, and it stuffs out individual freedoms.

Fascism is a great ideology for those in the political majority, i.e. the driving force behind the Party’s party. Their racial, ethnic, religious (etc) beliefs are all nicely catered to and their interests brutally represented by the government.

However, if you’re a fan of little niceties like free thought, freedom of religion or participative democracy, it might be inconvenient to practice your beliefs with a jack boot, well, inconveniently placed in your buttocks.

If we want a society geared for a select few – fascism is where’ it’s at, baby!

If we want inclusivity, assuming I didn’t just invent that word, then I’d take a pass…

It has been a darling for the Corporation since the 1930’s but after WW2 they had to be more subtle, but we are now 2/3 of the way. and it maybe too late to turn back. The propaganda machine has repackaged it and sold it as New Patriotism. anyone suggesting a return to the constitution and curbing lobbies is shouted down. because those two things would greatly curb Corporate influence in Washington and the media ( Big Business ) knows it.

They tried it in 1935 or so see Dickstein congrssional commitee testimony by Gen. Smedly Butler, The Wall street plot to overthrow FDR and set up fascist government.

Facism doesnt encourage civil liberties. In fact it discourages it. Its doctorine states that it is the responsibility of the citizen to give everything to support the state. Essentially it turn the national workforce into slave labor.
Also its a very very intolerant for of government. Though racism isnt a requirement, its not really possible to maintain this form of government without discrimination. Its ideology is almost entirely constructed on a powerful need for every citizen to conform to one political belief, one way of thinking of things, and one culture.
Have u ever read George Orwells 1984??? Its basically all about a very very extreme form of facism. I know its not exactly what ur talking about but its an eye opener for sure

Sure, fascism can be a good, temporary government for rallying a nation to its own interest. As long as the electoral process still decides our leader, then sure, let’s be fascists just until the W.W.I.F.J.M. is completely destroyed ( that’s the World-Wide Islamic Fundamental Jihadist Movement.)
Fascism doesn’t have to be totalitarian, but at least authoritarian.
Also, a fascist economy can be about as free as ours.
Fascism can be socially liberal except criticizing the government.
It must be:
The party of &quot:us&quot: versus &quot:them&quot: i.e. Islamic fundamentalists, communists, etc…

I’m not really for it, but its gotta be better than Democrat rule!

Hitler was viewed as a Liberal so, I have a problem with your logic, However fascism is a bad thing for our Nation, socialism is the front-runner to fascism and most liberals (Clinton, and socialized MED. for instance) are socialists and some are bordering an fascism.
As long as the 2nd Amendment remains an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT, as laid out by our Founding Fathers then &quot:WE THE PEOPLE&quot: CAN STILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!

If you look at the so called scholars who offer the definition of fascism, you will notice they are for the most part socialists. It serves the socialists movement well to make the world think that any capitalistic system is evil. Tagging the word fascism to capitalism is just propaganda.

It is rearing it’s ugly head. It should not be supported because it is directly against Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness . . .unless it’s the Life Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness of the State.

I despise fascism.

Fascism opposes freedom and civil liberties.

Our country was founded on freedom and civil liberties, paid for by the blood of millions of Americans.

Fascism is bad for the US — whether imposed by outside agencies, or domestic fundamentalists.

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