Will many Obama supporters possibly vote for Obama because……. ?

Will many Obama supporters possibly vote for Obama simply because he would be the first Black President rather than voting for Obama because they feel he would make the Best President ?

Sir, many blacks will vote for a black candidate merely because he is black, and many voters will vote for Hellary because she is a woman. Same, same, and you know it, as well as I. I am a woman, but I’d rather DIE than vote for a Socialist! I work too hard to feed my family and don’t want my money that I earned going to those that don’t!

You already answered for me, I was going to say there are people who will be torn between voting the first woman and first minority into office.

Policies Shmolicies!

Well – according to the African-American community – Bill Clinton was named the &quot:first Black President&quot: a long time ago. So Obama would be second fiddle, at best. That is, unless he talks to an audience and has to change either his skin color or faith, and since he has so many things to choose from, that must be the CHANGE he is talking about. Obama = Division.

I’m sure some will. But how many can that be? I mean, if a lot of people just voted for someone because they wanted him to be the first black president you’d think we would have at least had a black nominee from one of the major parties a long time ago.

It is absurd to say that being Black is any kind of advantage for Barack Obama.

Democrats voting for Hillary or Obama can be labeled either racists or sexists. Vote for Hillary and not Obama and you are a racist. Vote for Obama and not Hillary and you are a sexist.

CNN featured a poll about this. 88% of respondants stated minority status would be no factor in determing for whom to vote for President. 5% said said they would be less likely to vote for a minority. 6% claimed they would be more likely.

If we are to believe this poll Obama’s ethnicity gives him a small, but probably insigfnicant advantage.

This is a free country vote for whoever you want, not black or white but candidate who gets a good plan for our country.

Both colors eat and use rest…..

do you mean how people vote for Hillary because she is a woman.

I think that people who do this are racist and sexist.

Hillary sucks

Perhaps and that would be sad. I don’t trust his agenda one bit!

I also agree with ‘BekindtoAnimals22’. This is NOT the time in our history for inexperienced folks with unanswered questions in their background – to be the CEO of the US

Y E S!! Also YES on the 2nd question.

I think so… also, I tried to figure out why some young people like him.. .and the only thing I can come up with is that the young people who like Obama don’t remember how great the 90’s were in America… ahhh to remember the good days. The world loved us, we had no debt, and we all had money.

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