Why don’t opposers of Jehovah’s witnesses never bring out these types of quotes about prophets?

The Watchtower does not claim to be inspired in its utterances, nor is it dogmatic. It invites careful and critical examination of its contents in the light of the Scriptures. (The Watchtower, 15 August 1950, pages 262-263)

In this regard, however, it must be observed that this ‘faithful and discreet slave’ was never inspired, never perfect. Those writings by certain members of the ‘slave’ class that came to form the Christian part of God’s Word were inspired and infallible, but that is not true of other writings since. Things published were not perfect in the days of Charles Taze Russell, first president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society: nor were they perfect in the days of J. F. Rutherford, the succeeding president. The increasing light on God’s Word as well as the facts of history have repeatedly required that adjustments of one kind or another be made down to the very present time. (The Watchtower, 1 March 1979, pages 23-24)

We are not a prophet: we merely believe that we have come to the place where the Gentile times have ended. (Light, vol. 1, 1930, page 194)

“We have not the gift of prophecy.” (Zion’s Watch Tower, January 1883, page 425)

Nor would we have our writings reverenced or regarded as infallible, or on a par with the holy Scriptures. The most we claim or have ever claimed for our teachings is that they are what we believe to be harmonious interpretations of the divine Word, in harmony with the spirit of the truth. And we still urge, as in the past, that each reader study the subjects we present in the light of the Scriptures, proving all things by the Scriptures, accepting what they see to be thus approved, and rejecting all else. It is to this end, to enable the student to trace the subject in the divinely inspired Record, that we so freely intersperse both quotations and citations of the Scriptures upon which to build. (Zion ‘s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence, 15 December 1896)

It is not our intention to enter upon the role of prophet to any degree, but merely to give below what seems to us rather likely to be the trend of events—giving also the reasons for our expectations. (Zion’s Watch Tower and Herald of Christ’s Presence, 1 March 1904)

Many students have made the grievous mistake of thinking that God has inspired men to interpret prophecy. The holy prophets of the Old Testament were inspired by Jehovah to write as his power moved upon them. The writers of the New Testament were clothed with certain power and authority to write as the Lord directed them. However, since the days of the apostles no man on earth has been inspired to write prophecy, nor has any man been inspired to interpret prophecy. (Prophecy 1929 61-62)

It is not claimed that the explanations in this publication are infallible. Like Joseph of old, we say: “Do not interpretations belong to God?” (Genesis 40:8) At the same time, however, we firmly believe that the explanations set forth herein harmonize with the Bible in its entirety, showing how remarkably divine prophecy has been fulfilled in the world events of our catastrophic times. (Revelation – Its Grand Climax at Hand, page 9.)

Those who make up the one true Christian organization today do not have angelic revelations or divine inspiration. But they do have the inspired Holy Scriptures, which contain revelations of God’s thinking and will. As an organization and individually, they must accept the Bible as divine truth, study it carefully, and let it work in them. (Jehovah’s Witnesses – Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom, page 708)


For the same reason that they don’t want people to see the definitions found in most Bible dictionaries and lexicons. For the same reason that they don’t mention to people that non-Witnesses also use similar terminology with no connotation of being *inspired* foretellers!

Because doing so would prove their accusations false and their position hypocritical!

They want to keep people ignorant of the fact that the term “prophet” can be used used in its *primary* Biblical sense of someone who just speaks the messages of God without connotation of foretelling the future or being inspired by God.

Most Bible Dictionaries will tell you that the term prophet did not necessarily include predictions:

&quot:’Prophet’ is used of one who announces the will or celebrates the works of God..and is applied to patriarchs, orators, singers, priests, and preachers.&quot:–Hints and helps to Biblical Interpretation–Bible Idioms

&quot:The basic meaning of prophet is &quot:to speak forth,&quot: and foretelling is but *one aspect* of forthtelling. A large part of the prophetic writings in the Bible deals not with prediction of things to come but with God’s judgment on the behavior of his people…Some idea of the meaning of prophet may be gained from the fact that in the Hebrew canon, the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings are called &quot:the Former Prophets,&quot: and these books are almost devoid of predictive prophecy.&quot:–Baker’s Dictionary of Practical Theology

JWs have always used the word &quot:prophet&quot: of themselves either in a figurative or limited sense and in the same basic sense as these Bible dictionaries. They only claim to preach the message from the Bible.

When you bother to examine the whole articles where Witnesses say they act like a &quot:prophet,&quot: you would see no prediction made, nor even any specific interpretation of any bible prediction! It is absolutely a deceptive, lie to rip such quotes out of context to claim we tried to predict the future!

Jehovah’s Witnesses carry out the &quot:Great Commission&quot: given by Jesus to all Christians (Mt.28:19,20). So they only claim to pass on the words of God and Christ as found in the Inspired Scriptures, and have *never* claimed to have the gift of inspiration.

It is just like how Billy Graham is called a prophet in his authorized biography &quot:A Prophet With Honor&quot: by William Martin. (See also: &quot:Billy Graham: Prophet To The Masses&quot:–www.allsands.com).

So, there is a big difference between someone who is just passing on Bible prophecy and one who claims to be inspired or have miraculous foresight.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language uses the word *prophet* also as &quot:A person gifted with profound moral insight and exceptional powers of expression&quot: and &quot:The chief spokesperson of a movement or cause.&quot: This is how the word prophet is used of these men in a quasi-sense, just like JW’s use it.

It is a fact that the JWs’ very doctrine has ALWAYS been that the gifts of inspired prophesying ceased in the 1st century. And since the 1800’s their literature has repeatedly stated that they do not foretell the future and are not inspired.

This is a belief that has NEVER changed. So, any accusation that Witnesses have made &quot:false prophecies&quot: can only be viewed as a misrepresentation of the facts. Every argument accusing Witnesses in this regard depends on ripping Watchtower quotes out of context.

And the comments by KJ7 and Miss Sunshine are manifestly false.

Witnesses believe that the Bible is the is the final authority on earth for True Christians. And all our beliefs and teachings are derived from the Bible as the final authority (2Tim 3:16,17: Gal.1:8,9).

&quot:What GOD’S WORD has to say on any issue should be considered as final and binding on all members&quot:–(w68 2/1 p. 84)

Further, showing how deceptively false their comments are, the WTS itself has reproved Witnesses for even using terminology that would even appear to place the WTS as their authority on any subject, reemphasizing that JW’s should use only the Bible as their source.–(w98 3/15 p.18)

And criticisms regarding Witnesses correcting their teachings and understanding of prophecies would also condemn the Apostles! Obviously there is something wrong with such criticisms.

The Apostles had to progressively change their beliefs regarding their understandings of end-times, just as JW’s have.

Jesus didn’t say you would identify the true religion because they never misunderstood prophesy. He said that you would discern the true Christian Organization &quot:by their fruits,&quot: or the results of their Biblical teaching (Mt.7:16,20-23). Now, who has the historical record of bloodthirsty wars, immorality, sectarian violence and factional splits? (2Tim3:5: Gal.5:19-23).

Jehovah’s Witnesses imitate Christ, and this proves that they are True Christians! WWJD!



&quot:God-given interpretation&quot: (Watch Tower 1917 December 15)
The Finished Mystery published in 1917
“In the light of Divine Prophecy, now being daily fulfilled and made clear to &quot:the watchers,&quot: the following lines from the pen of Pastor Russell is further proof that he was sent of God to this generation”. Page 5 &quot:The Finished Mystery&quot:

&quot:In 1879 Charles Taze Russell began the publication of THE WATCH TOWER, of which he was the sole editor as long as he remained on earth. THE WATCH TOWER was, and is, the first and only journal declaring the presence of the Lord Jesus. Pastor Russell being the messenger to the Laodicean Church, and occupying the position of the Lord’s special servant to give the Household or Faith meat in due season, it was to be expected that he would bring forth from the Lord’s great &quot:Storehouse&quot: the needed spiritual food for the Church, in harmony with God’s will&quot:.
Page 7 &quot:The Finished Mystery&quot:
The &quot:voice from heaven&quot: of Revelation 18:4 is the voice of The Watchtower Society. (p.378)
Bar-nice word magic.

You really expect me to read all that? I must tell you that I see a J. W. about twice a month. He drives about a halfan hour to my house in the country to have me show him new things in the scripture that prove christianity is not getting it right, them included. It’s funny to have a guy agree that the name of the one in the scripture should be used properly and that the words god and lord are insults then have him use a word that starts with a letter that’s not even in the language of the ones who wrote the books. And that’s just the opener. One time he opened up to show me two verses that tell us the &quot:father&quot: never changes and the path toward righteousness will never change and the law will never pass away right before telling me that kosher and unclean were out-dated thoughts. Man it’s great.

&quot:Those who make up the one true Christian organization today do not have angelic revelations or divine inspiration.&quot:

— And yet JWs look to WBTS publications exclusively for their spiritual guidance, with a reinterpreted bible that only they accept as authoritative. Go figure.

To see how those statements contradict the witnesses you would have to have an inaccurate view of them, that is something I don’t have (thankfully) so I fail to see your point.

Note: I did read the whole great tower of rant because I have to go to bed.

so the watchtower says one day they’re a prophet and the next day they’re not?

two things:

1)the people who publish your literature are confused.

2)you’ve expressed your confusion by not noticing this.


The Watchtower has certainly toned itself down (I’m assuming you have seen the other quotes, right? If not, google!).

My issue with the Watchtower is that it does NOT teach what the Bible teaches. It does teach what the New World Translation teaches because it has edited the Bible to suit WTBTS theology. But I would rather follow Jesus than an organisation. I strongly recommend that you do as well.


It’s good that the Watchtower admitted their interpretations were wrong on many occasions, and excused themselves by admitting they are Not equal to God. But I ask you this – How much margin of error do they allow the members who disagree, and later are proven right? Do they allow any members to disagree, knowing and admitting that the WT Might be wrong about something (since they have been wrong in the past) like polio vaccines or blood transfusions? Or is the choice – withhold medical treatment even to death OR be shunned forever and die forever. There seems to be a Humongous Double Standard.

Why is the Watchtower allowed to make errors, but members are thrown away to be shunned forever from family and friends, if they have a valid disagreement – like getting a blood transfusion or in early days a vaccine which used to be against the WT and then later the Watchtower finds out they’ve been wrong and changes their mind about a teaching but it’s too late for the ones disfellowshiped or the one who caught small pox and died or is scarred for life. It’s the same thing today with blood transfusions and many other odd beliefs – birthday partys, mother’s day, Easter, saluting the flag. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the WT is also very wrong about Jesus being an angel. Please think! Your soul is in danger and is trusting men not God!

Simply put, because then it would show that they are the ones bringing forth contentions….
They are the ones working against God’s Holy spirit and will.
It is God’s will that His word be preached and taught to those with a humble heart.
This is just what Jehovah’s Witnesses do, preach and teach God’s word, The Bible.

These are the very quotes that you should be paying attention to. If you were God’s sole organization, you can bet that your organization would be receiving the guidance of God. If your organization was the chosen ones, there would be no mistakes. The problem with these statements is that they are printed in one publication and then the exact opposite is printed in another. And, look how old these sayings are. This is ridiculous.

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