Why do Americans want Private health care?

Federal Govt run health care would be better than private or state run health insurance… I would trust the govt more because, private run companies would reduce costs to raise profits that means, cut cleaners which means dirtier hospitals, wards and operating theatres. Private health care is a business, they don’t care about the public they want profits… why would they want to take care of you when they get profits… you say you want smaller govt and dont want the govt to take care of health, open your eyes and look at Canada, Europe every developed nation except for the USA has nationalised or universal single payer health care… its not communist or socialist to look after people… you spend approx 16% of GDP on healthcare and approx 30% of people dont have healthcare, so thats approx 70% of people with health insurance with 16% of GDP on health care… In the UK which has the NHS one of the best healthcare systems in the world they spend 8% of GDP on healthcare and EVERYONE gets healthcare… EVERYONE… and everyone gets a good service, sure there are waiting lines but in the end everyone gets a good service with high rates of success in treating diseases and high rates of success in operations… therefore universal health care is the best, its baffling why Obama did not implement it…

The federal government has no constitutional authority to interfere in health care. You can’t name a single thing the federal government has taken over that did not see quality and efficiency nosedive while costs screamed skyward. Dirty hospitals result in more infections resulting in higher costs to the insurance companies. KILLED THAT FALSEHOOD! &quot:its not communist or socialist to look after people&quot:. Does that mean if I have to pay for someone’s health care I can dictate their &quot:lifestyle&quot:? I can tell drunks, junkies and smokers to stop ingesting their poison: I can tell fat people what and how much to eat: I can tell tramps and baby factories to keep their knickers on: I can tell illegals to return to the hole they deserted to invade America? If not, how are we &quot:looking after people&quot:? Should we have height and weight maximums enforced by law? Who will determine what is &quot:healthy&quot: for everyone?

So that would explain why G Brown had to apologise on their telly for the hundreds of needless death in their hospital because it is so good That would explain the swine flu hot line you think you have it call in and we well take care of you over the phone
Look everyone get health care in the U S let me repeat it EVERYONE gets health care in the U S the ones that have no insurance just must wait a few hours for it

Everything the government has run goes wrong. For example, cash for clunkers, medicare, Medicaid, USPS, the national debt, border security, public schools, etc. Private health care means that people are responsible for their own health and bills. I am all for people wanting to smoke, but I’ll be damned if my taxes will pay for his lung cancer treatment. I agree that costs are too high but that’s due to ridiculous college costs and frivolous law suits. TORT reform and lower college tuition would result in affordable health care for all. And there is not &quot:free&quot: health care, someone has to pay for it and that someone is us, with higher taxes. Also, then government will start telling us how to live so they don’t have to cure our problems and will ration care to those who are not &quot:worth the risk.&quot:

You lost me at &quot:Federal Govt run health care would be better than private or state run health insurance&quot:

It’s because we like spending our health care dollars on more important things than health care, like bonuses for health insurance industry CEOs.

i don’t think that the american people want private health care it’ their hospitals as they make loads of money out of private health care insurance

A monopoly on the health of my own body, especially ran by the US government? I cringe at the thought. Id rather eat sh*t.

Its all about keeping the poor down. American society is riddled with this sort of quiet prejudice and exclusionism.

Not bad for the land of the ‘free’.

We accept in the UK that the NHS aint perfect, but with work it could be.

Yes, we should trust the government. They’re doing so well running all the other social programs…

You sound like you are repeating all the 4th grade propaganda.

The government doesn’t do anything as well as the private sector does.

Look at the public schools.

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