Religions similar to Wicca/Paganism that do not worship deities?

I am very interested in Wicca and Paganism, however from what I understand (I may be wrong), Wiccans worship both a god and a goddess. I find myself completely unable to believe in a god or goddess, but the idea of ‘worshipping’ nature and appreciating the beauty of the earth, being connected to spirituality and the world around you just appeals to me a lot. I can agree completely with every aspect of Wicca and Paganism except the belief in these deities, so I was wondering if there is any alternative?

what you like spiritually sounds just like Zen.

they are concerned with nature, adore it and use it daily in their spiritual thinking. the beauty of the earth has always been in Buddhist thought, esp. in the far east, for 100’s of years. it is sometimes called a ‘pagan’ religion for this reason. Buddhists do not require a belief in gods or Creator God, but an understanding of the importance and enjoyment of nature is essential to their way.

they believe it is better for you to decide for yourself what is supernatural existence and what is really good about mankind. they have many scriptures to guide the way and many schools of thought. they also intersect with all religions, including Christian, native and &quot:there is no god,&quot: if those are what you like.

its like, there may or may not be a god, but is there a &quot:you&quot:? the discussion goes on forever …

Hey, someone else in the same position! What your are describing is a form of non-literal paganism. There is a position in Wicca that states that the god and goddess are not literal, but metaphors for the wheel of the year and our own understanding of what it is to be human. For instance, while I may say invocations to the &quot:goddess,&quot: I am really addressing the greater universal energy in whatever form that is, notably the traditional &quot:feminine&quot: side of it: that which is love and creation. Wicca is called a &quot:mystery religion&quot: for just that reason: we work in the realm of powers we know to be there on an intuitive level, but the divine is also much more than we can comprehend in one given lifetime. That is the beauty of it: we understand there is the mystery and so do not necessarily have to believe in literal deities. There are VERY few religions that even allow for the sort of philosophy.

However, that is where it gets tricky: many Wiccans do believe in the literal gods (I’m a little rude about it, I think that is nothing more than the latent Christian that needs everything tangible and literal). Sometimes I wonder if I even have a right to call myself a Wiccan. Because of that, I often just call myself a witch or even non-literal pagan. However, I practice the Wiccan Sabbats, hold most of the fundamental beliefs and carry out many of the traditional practices, even if I have a different philosophical outlook on it. So I can’t completely separate myself from it, and really nor should I. All in all, this about what gives you meaning. If you keep studying Wicca and stay with it, then than that is your meaning.

Also, I would research Buddhism, Pantheism and zen meditative practices: much of that ties into what you are expressing here.

You have found a Pagan Priest and here is the scoop for all.

Paganism is a religion. And there are different kinds of Pagan Denominations (for lack of a better word). Wicca, Druidry, Native American beliefs the list goes on. Paganism is a &quot:Earth Centered Religion&quot:.

Most religions have a core belief system they share and Paganism is no different.

You will find the just about all Pagans believe two things for certain:
1. That EVERYTHING is connected. Everything is part of everything thing else. And that includes what you would describe as God.
2. Because of this that means everything is blessed.

Pagans include people that are Monotheism (there is only one true god), Polytheism (that there are several Goddess or Gods) and Pantheism (That god is everything and everything is god).

As you can see there is not a requirement on a set Dogma for Paganism. You will find that certain groups have their set believe system, but that by no means that most Pagans share it. Paganism does stress that you look at things and beliefs and you decide for yourself what is &quot:right&quot: for you. To give you an example: Christianity stress &quot:don’t question&quot: and Paganism stress &quot:always question&quot:.

To try to help you out. Wicca does tend to have Goddess and Gods they try to connect with. Where Druidry is more nature and connecting with it. So Druidry may be more up your alley. What you do want to do is find out what is best for you.

Remember because everything is blessed there is really no wrong way to connect to god – goddess/gods – god of everything. The strength of your belief is more important than what exactly you believe.

Hope I did not confuse you too much. Just remember that you are blessed no matter what and relax.


Well, there are many forms of so-called &quot:pagan&quot: religion… but the key thing that defines a religion is a belief in some sort of a deity, or at least a metaphysical dimension to the universe. Since that’s something that you don’t want to just take the word of someone else about, our Goddess temple advises all interested persons to practice certain techniques that are intended to assist you to have a direct personal experience with deity. Only in that way will you be able to know for sure that the Goddess is genuine. You can visit our website and read about our beliefs and the techniques I mentioned. I think you would be missing an important aspect of spirituality if you didn’t at least make some attemp to investigate deity in a direct way, such as we recommend.


Bright Blessings !

Paganism is a category, not a religion. So there are many Pagan religions. They don’t all believe/do the same things. They can actually be vastly different.

Curious, though– wy do you need a religion to appreciate nature or be spiritual?

If you really feel like belonging to a religion, you might want to try Buddhism (no deities), Pantheism (nature = God) or Unitarian Universalism (shared values, not shared beliefs).

I respect your sincerity, and if we could sit down and talk I suspect we would at least agree that each of us has a spiritual nature within us that yearns for something greater than ourselves. Centuries ago, a great philosopher called this a &quot:God-shaped vacuum&quot: we each have within us.

But where did this vacuum in our hearts come from? The Bible says that God put it there—and the reason He did was so that we would seek Him and come to know Him in a personal way. You and I have a soul that yearns for God: as the Bible says, God &quot:has also set eternity in the hearts of men&quot: (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

But the Bible tells us something else very important. It tells us there is a barrier between us and God—a barrier we cannot overcome on our own. The reason is because this barrier that separates us from God was caused by our sin. Our greatest need is to have our sins forgiven, and this is something no amount of meditation or similar practice can overcome.

Only God can erase this barrier—and this is why Jesus Christ came into the world. He was God in human flesh, sent from heaven to save us from our sins. Don’t be deceived by paths that promise to unite you with God but don’t deal with your sins. Instead, by faith commit your life to Jesus Christ and trust Him alone for your salvation. Only then will you discover the joy and peace you are seeking.


Some Wiccans would argue that the God and Goddess are not &quot:worshiped&quot: per se. It’s OK in Wicca to take a purely symbolic view of them.

Paganism isn’t a religion, it’s a word that refers to all religions outside of the main beliefs. Wiccans are Pagans, for instance.

You should look into, I dunno, modern Druids or something. I think they worship nature.

You can be an atheist and a pagan.

Your alternative is salvation thru Jesus Christ our lord and savior.Don’t give your faith to a bunch of ignorant, selfish, witches that are going to burn in hell for refusing the holy spirit! Thank you very much!

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