potty training tips?

my son is 2 1/2 years old and still not talking very good (i think he’s still a little confused since we speak two languages at home), and i’m wondering if i should just wait till he can talk better and understand me better when i try and explain to him about sitting on the potty: or is there anything else i can do to get him to sit ? i’m getting very frustrated because of his not speaking well at this age so he can’t tell me if he needs to go potty and if i try telling him about sitting on the potty i don’t think he understands and he actually seems afraid of the potty. any advice? i greatly appreciate it!

Wow. He needs to start learning now.

Here is what I did. I hope this helps.

1. Make it a HUGE deal for him to use the BIG potty.

2. Have a basket of cheap toys that he can pick from anytime he uses the BIG potty.

3. make it a bad thing when you change his diaper. Tell him &quot: Ugh this is nasty. you should have done this in the BIG BOY POTTY…

Hope this helps..


I would just keep explaining to him how the potty works, show him &amp: let him watch when you &amp: your husband go to the bathroom so he get’s it. Even though he might not beable to speak very well, I’m sure he’ll get a good idea of how the potty works if you keep showing him. You could even get him a potty book to introduce it to him &amp: I bought my son a great DVD at Walmart, it’s an Elmo Potty one. My son is also 2 1/2 &amp: he’s just started (about 2 weeks ago) pooping in the potty &amp: he’s peed in it a few times (mostly accidentally) but I think he’s starting to get it now. Don’t force your son to use it, just ask him if he’d like to try sitting on it first (with clothes on) then gradually progress to sitting on it without a diaper. Don’t rush it, just let it happen naturally. I think there’s to much pressure for parents to have their children potty trained by a certain age…children are ready when they’re ready not when WE are. Oh yeah, and something else I do with my son is have &quot:Potty parties&quot:. When he goes pee or poo I let him pick out a balloon or two &amp: we wear party hats &amp: march around the kitchen. He just loves it!! Best of luck but don’t worry to much. It will happen when he’s ready!!!

The joys of potty training! My son’s pediatrician recommended that you wait until close to 3 years old to start potty training boys. Girls tend to start a little sooner, around 2 1/2 or so. My son is now 4 1/2, and potty training was quite the battle. He has had a lot of constipation issues and withholding issues that he had to see a gastroenterologist for, which delayed potty training past the pediatrician’s recommended age of 3. We used a reward system in the beginning. I had a container of mini M&amp:M’s. Each time he went pee on the potty he got 1, and each time he went poo he got 2. (The reason we gave him 2 for going poo is because that’s where our battle was most of the time due to his constipation and withholding issues). He went to a babysitter during the day, and she wasn’t really up for doing the whole candy thing, so he would get little stickers there every time that he went potty. Another big incentive for him was that preschool wasn’t too off in his future, but we would tell him that he had to be going to the bathroom on the potty and not in having accidents if he wanted to go. So that really helped things. Also, bring fun things in the bathroom. With my son, we would bring books or his magnadoodle in there. We realized that sometimes we just had to get him to relax so that he could go. As a parent, you know the patience kids have is very small, so when they are just sitting there trying and have nothing else to focus on, they can get frustrated quite easily. It helps to put their attention somewhere else. Another suggestion is to just make a really big deal everytime that he goes. Unfortunately, there’s no time limit on how long potty traning can take. Each child is different, and sometimes strong willed children can take a little longer. My son still has accidents occassionally, but they only seem to occur at home. He has never had an accident at preschool or out in public. We still have to remind that its time to try an go to the bathroom. Kids just get so sidetracked when they are playing or doing other activities. I know that when we were first starting out, we would have him try and go to the bathroom every hour or 2. Even if he didn’t always go, he would at least try. Hope this info helps.

Well, my son is 2.5 also and he goes to the potty, but it is not frequent…just when he feels like it. I really don’t have anything special we did to get him to do it. He just does it whenever he feels like it. I’d give it a while longer and just keep trying to explain to him and take him with you to the potty even or get some potty books to read to him. People who think kids need to be trained by 2 or 3 or whatever really tick me off! Every child is different. A doc told me a while back that the urinary nerves in the body are some of the last to develop, especially in boys…so sometimes it takes them a while longer to figure what’s going on down there.

Good luck and just be patient. It will happen soon.

Mine is 32 months and in Potty Training. I have made the switch to using Pull-ups and/or underwear, and do not use diapers anymore (they say it can be confusing…I really doubt it at night time while he is sleeping, but I have enough pull-ups to use for the month).
My little one talks well, but you’ll need to make these checks first for potty training:
1. Is he peeing less during the day (less diapers getting wet).
2. Can he pull down his pants by himself, or does he try to get out of his diapers?
Then get a small potty training chair for him. The big toilet still intimidates my little one as well. ( It doesn’t scare him to flush, but just to be that high up over such a large hole).
I picked up the book in Wal-Mart &quot:Potty Time&quot: and we read it together (usually twice) so that he won’t want to leave the potty.
He doesn’t indicate that he needs to go to potty yet, so I time him.
You’ll have to play with numbers, usually 10-15 minutes. I set a timer and tell him when it beep, beeps, it’s potty time.
I say &quot:Potty Time&quot: in a sing-songy voice and he joins in and is eager to go to the potty.
If he pees in the potty we do a little &quot:Potty&quot: dance and he gets to mark the back of the book: Pee’d, Flushed, Washed hands.
I also watched the Huggies Potty Training Video, I received free. Feel free to check out this free gift even if you don’t intend to use Pull-ups because it gives a lot of good tips, has neat songs for the little ones, and color sheets you can print off that show pictures. I’m not sure if its bi-lingual…it probably is. If not then print out the pics and write English and your language on the pics and say both. It has a wealth of information on it. Just make it fun, don’t ever say that it’s yukky, and use lot’s of praise.
Hope this helps

Actually in my family, we speak Spanish and English to our kids in the family, all the boys were late talkers and the girls talked early. My 2 boy cousins didn’t talk till they were like 3. The more you talk to him the more he should pick up. Also he may not be ready for the potty yet. he will let you know when he is. Have you switched him to training pants and introduced big boy under roos. Let him pick them out and explain how they work. get ready for accidents. good luck

Well start by calling it the little potty. and take him to the potty with you so he can see that it is not going to eat him. it his knees go together and he bends over a little bit sure sign of need to go. if he grabs himself another sure sign. and be sure to talk to him in both languages it might help him understand better. and don’t worry it will take a little longer for him to talk in two languages. Good luck.

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