POLL: Are deformed animals (i.e., cats with 2 heads, cows with 6 legs) still cute to you?

Or do you think they are ugly freaks?

In my world, life, I have witnessed humans lie, hurt, betray, play games, treat others, even the ones that claim to love so unfairly, I call that freakish…I would not want out of feeling hurt or disappointment to feel avenged by seeing humans deformed as to be considered freaks…that would be a hateful meanness on my part. But animals if a deformity had taken place, I would love that animal all the more, with all of my heart and my protection.
My brother used to have a Boa constrictor. It grew to be 10 feet. One day he brought home 2 containers, which I thought contained Chinese food…except the boxes were moving – I asked my brother what is in the boxes, and he said 4 deformed mice, just the right snack for the snake. For a moment, I thought I had gone crazy, for I started to scream at his cruelty. He just laughed and laughed then asked me to come watch how a deformed animal met its death.
If that freakish cruelty is in people I have NO Love for them. Animals I adore.I wouldn’t care if a four legged animal had a hundred feet, appearing alike a centipede. I would still love him and take him in. Where as to a human, his meanness I’d never tolerate to care for him, even if physically f he was perfect.

I’ve never thought that such occurrences were ‘cute’!
I do think excess pesticides and pollutants which are NOT disposed of properly are getting into the food cycle! Causing some of these deformities!
Just my opinion.

&quot:ALL You NEED Is LOVE!&quot:

Vincent Reagan
&quot:H A W K E Y E!&quot:

OMG I ove animals so muh 2 and I have never heard i that wy there is more to love cut way of thinking…..I have a huge heart and am considered a helper so I love anything or ay1 that is different

I think all animals are cute! Even possums, which most people I know think are ugly.

Multiple heads might kind of creep me out, but plus minus a limb or two is fine by me 🙂

i love all animals,whether they have six legs or four, i feel sorry for these poor creatures that are malformed theye to be pitied and cared for not to be put on public view for people to poke fun at,thats a sin.

There is no such thing as an ugly freaky animal, every single one of them are adorable.

Some of them are cute.

Awwww. i love them and respect them as living beings, just as much as a &quot:normal&quot: animal. they are innocent, and capable of giving love back! theyre all adorable, and deserve no less respect than &quot:normal&quot: animals.

I think that every being on earth is beautiful in one way or another. It depends on how you look at things.

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