Our public library denied computer access to student. Saying that we could only do school work only.?

Is that legal. The library is about 50 feet from the school and it said we can only do school work on the computers. I mean why do students get less priviledge than other people?

this is because they care about you. and using that care, they are restricting certain things on the computer. stuff like adult content and games are prohibited on the computer. kids find ways to get past it though

Rules are usually posted in the library and computers usually have restrictions on either time or use, even for adults. I do research but even that is restricted by time. I try to go when they have low use so the time isn’t that important. High school kids as a rule (not all) abuse rules and see if they can get away with it. This makes it bad for all as they get a reputation. So rules are set for the worse offenders, not the average user or the average HS student. Accept it, its the way it is.
hope this helps

It wouldnt be so public would it? Maybe because when kids go there to do school work, kids who arn’t, are taking away the public priviledges to the ones that need to do work. while the ones who arnt doing school work are messing around on myspace.

I thought you ment they totally denied student access to the library

Yea it is legal but it stinks. My library has the same rule but i sneek on game websites and turn off the sound.

pay attention i dont desire to sound uptight because of the fact i spent 6 months ragin agaisnt our college block and attempting to get proxies yet tbh its no longer worth it technologies is so stepped forward then they’re going to easily block each little thing they eventaully blocked interest web content and google photographs in our college it somewhat is a soreness yet you comprehend dont complication itll purely make issues worse for each individual at your college then youll be disliked believe xx

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