Obama has been calling those who oppose his health care proposal &quot:liars&quot: for months. So why are Democrats in..?

an uproar because someone finally turned the tables and called Obama a liar?

Why is it OK for Obama to use harsh language against his opponents, yet all hell breaks loose when ONE congressman uses it on him?
And where is there a better place to accuse someone of lying than in Congress?

Obama is a narcissist and a Chicago thug. If you don’t like something, he will just cram it down your throat until it chokes you to death.

I applaud the man who had the guts to call this lying hypocrit what he is.

Its a bit childish to defend Wilson by saying &quot:well YOU did it&quot:.

Nobody is damning Wilson, just kinda verbally rolling our eyes.

Democrats in congress have a fear of exposure and the truth! They know too that they are on their way out of office very soon, this is their last stand! It’s a wonder some one didn’t throw a shoe at 0bama

There’s a difference between calling someone a liar without proof and calling someone a liar with proof.

Racist Joe called Obama a liar without proof…Obama called the GOP liars WITH proof. Therein lies the rub…

As an example: See source, specifically Section 246 titled: NO Federal payment for undocumented aliens.

Have a great day!

I agree…

Check out this funny YouTube video on Obama..LOL

YOU are a liar.
He didn’t use the word LIE UNTIL LAST NIGHT!

Because wilson broke long standing rules in the House/Senate. He should suffer the consequences of the breach of rules.

They are liars.

Because of WHERE and WHEN that dolt called Obama a liar.

Forget Obama, Wilson embarrassed the entire congressional institution.

Liberals are hypocrites

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