North Korea has named their new president &quot:Brilliant Comrade&quot:. Shouldn’t they keep that title for Obama?

Gotta love that cult of personality they maintain in North Korea. David Axelrod should study their system of maintaining Obama’s popularity.

I don’t think they have a &quot:new president.&quot: They have a dictator, an insane dictator. Kim Jong-il is still in charge.

You sick bastarrd. That’s your president your talking about. As soon as he gets done signing the waiver allowing Iran to have nukes. I, am telling on you. He will slap that smile off your face like he did to Joe the Plumber. You thought making jokes about disabled kids was terrible. You ain’t seen half of what he can do to you. Now go get a job and pay your share of the 10 trillion you and your grand kids owe Obama for keeping America safe and allowing you to feed off ghetto community welfare nationalized health care. You selfish bastarrd.

He is familiar with complete nicely – that each and every physique SANE, recommended individuals, comprehend that He maximum surely isn’t OUR Elected criminal President: so, he hopes if he maintains to declare it adequate situations, that he would be waiting to someway persuade maximum human beings human beings that it is genuine — My purely answer to him is: while his mendacity, unlawful, distant places butt flies over my domicile on it is way out of this us of a for good — Will he ever get an ok nod &amp: smile from me!! provide up &amp: think of for a minute: how a lot of human beings, who others called being &quot:sensible,&quot: became into Obama, &amp: his minions, waiting to &quot:hypnotize,&quot: innovations-Wash, &amp: control into believing he became into all the failings that he’s shown he on no account became into &amp: on no account would be! he’s been enjoying the Magician &amp: the Puppet-grasp roles way too long, &amp: being waiting to tug the wool over this type of excellent kind of peoples eyes now for thus long, &amp: pull the strings over their minds &amp: strikes, that he thinks, He can carry on with it via DOING THIS! he’s that a techniques long gone – an egotistical maniac via all medical learn &amp: findings! learn a majority of those info &amp: he will value on the utmost on ALL of their scales below each and every psychopathic, sociopath, &amp: sociopolitical scale ever created! I nonetheless want to nicely known WHY the Democrats chosen him to PUSH so annoying to be elected, &amp: WHY the Republicans did no longer PUSH as annoying in no longer bringing OUT each and every thing available approximately him (the TRUTHS) in the process the marketing campaign! They have been nonetheless in skill in spite of everything – nicely, adequate to have been waiting to have pushed the Justice branch, &amp: all the Federal regulation Enforcement companies adequate to have performed this! Why? What have been even they so frightened of?

I would call Obama: Never ending font of money and wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man

are you kidding me spending thousands of waste full money just so he can take his wife out to eat uranidiot obama over in the mid east apologizing to the muslim nation for the way america is obama is a scipt reader thats all anyone could do that so his title should be a racist muslim …..


seems like you’ve already designated Obama with that title…that’ll do for us.

Thank you

odopey may be a lot of things, brilliant isn’t one of them.

they don’t care about trademark infringement over there!!!

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