is it possible for a pit bull to breed with a chihuahua?

just wondering if it will be possible

Yes… I have a friend that has a Chihuahua and Pitt bull. Though.. The female has to be the Pitt Bull or the mother and possibly the puppies would not survive.
Rule of thumb is to always make sure the female dog is larger than the male, to have minimal complications. Also I have to say it was actually a beautiful looking dog. He is a dark rusty red color with large type pittie head and still holds the muscle definition of both a Chihuahua and Pitt Bull.
Yet smaller than the Pitt Terrier.

Why could you go with for to? I recommend, a chihuahua lady might have intense well being matters for the period of being pregnant and delivery. My facility purely had to do a overdue term spay on a small lady canines that grew to become into pregnant with great doggies and in 2 extra weeks, she could have died. A chihuahua must be bred to a chihuahua and a APBT must be bred to a APBT.

I cannot believe that is a legit question ! any one who says its possible must have their head examined, the puppies at half term pregnancy would be the size of the female. Quit gettin yer jollies at watching your pit do that to your chi and get them both fixed !

Yes, Its very possible. Seeing as you stated your Chihuahua is the male.

My way of thinking –
If the Chi is the female, she would die due to the length of the Pitts penis.
If the Pitt is the female, and the male is a Chi, the penis would be too short to do the job.

Yes – but highly doubtful. I’ve seen/heard of strange combinations like a Labrador/Basset cross!

If the female is the pitbull, then probably. If it’s the other way around, then it could possibly kill the little dog.

anything is possible

however, if the chihuahua is the female, she likely wont survive the pregnancy to full term.

but if a male pit breeds with a female chi, it will probably kill it. if does manage to carry babies will need a c section to deliver them.

yea its possible for any dog to breed- but I strongly suggest you do some research before you do anything.

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