If life is accident, life must be found in a planet made of copper for accident not dependent on water a pre condition? or life is creation?

If life is accident, life must be found in a planet made of copper for accident not dependent on water

– Only brain dead fundies ever say ‘accident&quot:.

Not all elements have
the possible molecular complexity
to play an essential part in life.
Part of that necessary complexity
is the ability to form many different sorts of molecules
that have a wide range of stability,
so that lots of transformations are possible.

Life based upon silicon, instead of carbon,
or hydrocarbons, instead of water
have a lot more probability
than life based upon copper.

We have only just started
to explore the universe
and all its possibilities for life.

We have already found one other planet
and several moons,
within our own star system,
that each might support
their own kinds of life.


John Popelish

Life could exist on a planet made of copper (though the chances are very slim since copper alone is not enough for life functions.

Water is not a pre-condition, but some form of medium capable of distributing nutrients is.

Life is not an accident, which implies something not going according to plan. Life is the unfolding of natural processes, and some physicists believe that life is the inevitable response to the laws of physics.

If you want to find out about the origins of life you should post in a biology section.

We look at life based on &quot:life as we know it,&quot: but it is possible that different versions of self replicating molecules formed in ways we haven’t imagined. That could have been the foundations of life on other worlds different from our own.

We have yet to find definitive proof of extraterrestrial life, but considering the distances that is not surprising. We have yet to even explore the moons in this solar system that may support life.

I have not mentioned &quot:creation&quot: a single time, because no creator is necessary.

A. Quit saying g life is an accident. Nobody says that but creationist Christians. You sound like a damn idiot.

B. There is nothing specifically to disprove your hypothesis, so it could be. What’s your point?

We would be living in a universe filled with nothing but dark holes if the big bang never happened.

Look it up


No, just like a car accident doesn’t have to be found on a planet with no cars.

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