Has God ever answered one of your prayers?

It’s one of those questions I’d like to know from other peoples experiences. When I was agnostic I prayed every night for God to give me a sign for his existence. Nothing, of course happened – and neither did other prayers when I was supposedly a theist were answered either.

I suppose it’s like the question did you ever see your imaginary friends, something i’ve never experienced personally but apparently other people did.

Yes, i asked God for strength during the most turbulent times of my life, he gave that to me. I asked him friends he gave it to me, i ask for a good partner he gave it to me. i never asked for evidence that God exist because that is why you called it faith, God let us decide whether to believe to him or not, God doesnt have to prove you he exist, its up to you, if he will give you an evidence that he is real then its not faith anymore.

God did give you a sign of His existence, you just weren’t open to seeing it! Everytime you look at a blade of grass, a bug or a bird it’s proof of His existence! Man, for all his technology STILL can’t make a blade of grass! One that will actually grow and reproduce itself! Someone had to have made these things because nothing comes into existence just because! As for does He answer prayers, yes! But it has to be something that you need AND for the right reasons! A winning lottery ticket? No. Good health or happy children? Yes! I know He does because i recently asked Him for a better job, because not only was the job i was at horrible ( lifting tons of material by hand!) but the pay was bad too! The people were good, but the job wasn’t! How about another company out of the clear blue called me and not only asked me did i want to work for them, but at DOUBLE what i was making at the bad Job!?!?! I hadn’t updated my resume on Monster for over a year and this company called me, and i start tomorrow! And all of that is because i asked God not to let me be stuck in a job that was wearing me down physically! You may not believe it, or Him, but i sure do!

A lot of times.
One time I was on a bike trip. Storms were predicted and about lunch it started to poor. I prayed that God would hold off the storm until we got back. A couple minutes later it stopped. We road for a while longer I didn’t want to go any farther so I prayed, &quot:God, make it rain, maybe it will scare them back.&quot: and within minutes it started pouring. And when I noticed it wasn’t working and remembered I had my phone in my pocket, &quot:Okay God, that’s enough,&quot: and it stopped. When we got back, within half an hour, we were in a tornado warning.

Of course you got &quot:nothing&quot:. The book of James explains you cannot expect anything from God if you ask with an unbelieving attitude which you’ve admitted to having by saying you were an agnostic.

Proverbs 28:9 tells us that if we do not listen to God’s law our prayers are an abomination to Him. God’s law commands us to believe God, confess our sin, and repent. When God sees those actions on your part He will respond to your prayers. In other words, God wants us to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ so to speak.

So while you’re busy demanding that God PROVE Himself to you, He is demanding from YOU PROOF OF YOUR FAITH IN HIM FIRST!


God will give you what God sees fit, not what you want. Your desires, if not aligned with the will of God, are from the position of worldly ways and are not really important. We tend to want things that we really don’t need.

The best prayers are thankful prayers because whatever you really need has already been granted. God is perfect like that. He already knows.

Considering that God does not exist, it would be impossible to receive an answer from him.

Why not,

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