Did you ever leave your 2 year old home alone sleeping?

It’s something I NEVER EVER did! Not even for a few minutes. My kids didn’t even sit in a locked car when I ran in to pay for gas. I may have been over the top with this. How do others feel about this topic?

No way, no how. What if something happened? What if the place caught on fire? What if someone broke in? What if they just woke up? No one would be there!

I am always amazed when I see stories about kids being home alone or in a car alone….

no, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to tell my finance not to leave our son in the car when they go to the gas station down the road together. The last thing I would ever want is for my son to be gone one day. I have seen parents leave their kids in the car at gas stations and one time it was just alittle baby and she was screaming so loud. I stayed in the car with my little one while my finace went inside and I kinda kept an eye on the baby. When the babies parents (yes, both of them) came out of the store I told them that they shouldn’t leave a child alone. They told me that it was none of my business and I said, but if that baby would have been taken you would have wanted it to be my business right? They just looked at me and left. I doubt they will ever leave their child alone again. I dont’ think that some parents think of these things.

I would never leave my daugter home alone. I will go out into the back yard or to the garage while she is sleeping but I always have the monitor on me. Anyone who would leave a 2 year old home alone should not be left with a child ever.

Absolutely NOT over the top…. I have a hard time even keeping my little ones in their safe playroom when I am in the kitchen cooking (and they are in full view)!!

Lordy… not watching a 2 year old for a minute or two is how kids get kidnapped out of the front yard, or touch the stove and get severely burned, or drown in an inch or two of water, or climb to the top of the fridge and fall, etc!!

Around here if a parent leaves a child in a locked car for ANY reason the child is removed and the parent goes to jail overnight. Here it is against the law to leave children in parked cars.

I would never do it- I heard of this story were these two moms left their 7 and 8 year old to watch over their other 3 kids who were 3,2 18 months while they were sleeping , the moms went to a near by bar and turns out that the aparment caught on fire and the three youngest died.

This is why

It’s never ok. What if there’s a fire or medical emergency? I don’t even leave my 4 yr old in the car when I pay for gas. It:s so dumb, there are some real nuts out there, and it only takes a moment for a child to disappear forever.

I don’t leave my 9 year old alone! I get furious with parents who leave their kids in cars (even with the doors locked) just to run into the store. People are so irresponsible when it comes to their children’s safety!!! You are NOT &quot:over the top&quot:! You are a GOOD parent!!

I don’t have kids but I think its really irresponsible of parents to leave their kids alone. It’s not right to leave them alone especially in the car! When I take care of my little nice I ALWAYS have to have her around no matter what. especially becasue kids do not stay in one place, and one minute they’re asleep but the next they’re up! so no i wouldn’t leave a two year old alone!

Anyone who leaves any child from infancy to 11 years old alone, should not be a parent or guardian, period. Obviously, the younger the child, the worse, it is. That is simply a deplorable act and is pure neglect, no matter how you look at it.

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