Why is Obama trying to bypass congress to give illegals mass amnesty?


Yea yea, Fox News. Why isn’t CNN, ABC, CNBC, etc. covering this story?

If the Democrats thought illegal immigrants were likely to vote Republican in significant numbers, we’d have an electric fence and an alligator-infested moat running the length of the border by now.

Its not a story, its a supposition without a fact in it.
Its not got a legitimate source, and there isn’t any there, there.

What is a legitimate news outlet going to cover? Some nameless man thinks Obama might do something, and eight Republicans wrote him a letter and they don’t seem to know any more than the nameless person who somehow won the confidence of the president when he was really on the other side?
Do you understand how foolish this is when analyzed.

Don’t you ever get tired of having FOX scare your pants off? Don’t you feel the breeze every now and then and wonder why its cold?

I am already wanting him to be impeached. Obama is by far the worse president in history. Impeding the Dutch and others from helping us with the oil spill all this time, is just one example of his need to create crisis so he can use it to raise taxes or implement further programs he is in favor of. I know it will never happen but I would like to see him deported back to Indonisia.

Ever heard the way to control a population is to control the ebb and flow of information. Their are many newspapers what would love to see a socialist government. Lets hope that somebody does not forget the piece of paper that got us here, which is the constitution. Their is not a single member of congress or the excuetive level of government that defend it each is trying to run the show. when will people wake up and realize that the America that we loved is dying a slow death and unless enough people stand up and fight for her, she will be forever gone and the men and women that died for her, their deaths will become as worthless as the words of our government that try to beguile us with their lies and deciet. stand up America remember your obligation as a citizen of this great country.

he knows he is going to lose his democratic majority come november and this is a way for him to buy votes for himself and the democratis party come 2012,refusing to admit or see that granting this amnesty is going to cause a tidal wave of liiegal aliens.
It is like promising free cars to people from a certain city without before hand taking a count and roll call of actual residents of that city,people will flood that city and move in to get those free cars.
The border must be secure before making an offer like this because instead of what they say is what 12 million illegal you will have triple that to try and process thru.
We are basicaly being invaded from a narco state and this is actually a threat to our national security,the president is supposed to protect our country not give it full and unfettered access to other countries,the main one being the drug cartel ran nation of mexico,these cartels have actually said they are going to start killing our law enforcement personnel for doing their jobs.What will our president do then,act or talk when it happens,an actual act of war by the cartels,will he actually do something or just talk.If we went after these cartels with guns ablazin as they say and wipe them out which can be done if you stay on top of it,we would actually have much less illegal immigration,because amny pay their passage by being mules or they flee to here to escpae the cartels.

Every President has to deal with immigration and every one also gets accused of &quot:amnesty&quot: whether it’s true or not.
Fox TV will surely be lying about this at fever pitch, like everything else.

He’s not.

Like ALL presidential administrations they debate all angles of an issue with themselves about strategy. There has been a history of this Congress stalling legislation… it would be natural for a administration to see if and how they can bypass a Congressional obstacle.

This is a non-story.

For the first time in my 40 years, I have heard people speak the &quot:R&quot:-word without their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks. Illegal immigration could very well be the tipping point. We’re tired of 0-bama usurping the will of the people and the Constitution. He needs to go.

CNN and the rest cover only what suits them missing half(1/2) the news. BO is a sneak/ snake. Peace

Obama knows he is unpopular and is going against the will of the American people, so he is looking for a dependent government class to vote for him and figures if he gives the illegals amnesty, he can buy their vote…it is wrong…it is ridiculous and if he does this…We the people will have him impeached…

Not sure – is this similar to George Bushes Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill that didn’t get passed, or perhaps Ronald Reagan’s that did?

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