Since Barack Obama Won’t Wear A Flag Pin, Is He Not Patriotic Enough To Be Elected President?

Even conservative pundit George Will and Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel–agreed that the whole thing was absurd. What is the signal we’re supposed to get from the flag? asked Will. It is either that I’m patriotic, and we take that for granted in this country, or that everybody who isn’t wearing it isn’t patriotic, and that’s disgusting.

On ABC World News with Charles Gibson (10/4/07), the anchor opened a report: Candidates face so much scrutiny these days. And it’s not just their position papers and stump speeches that are fair game. Case in point: something of a controversy that has erupted involving Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and a lapel pin.

Actually, if candidates’ position papers and stump speeches did receive serious and probing attention from the press, attention spent on frivolous issues like Obama’s missing pin wouldn’t be so distressing.

It’s the Seinfeld episode of Kramer refusing to wear the Aids ribbon in the Aids Walk.

He got beat up for it.

I agree with what I believe what Obama was trying to say that we are substituting fluff for substance. Just because someone wears a flag pin doesn’t mean that he or she is patriotic and just because someone doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t. Shame on the media for focusing on meaningless junk like this instead of focusing attention on more meaningful issues/messages. There is much to discuss and debate.

Wearing a flag pin will not make a difference in Barack ObamaВґs campaign. Just like putting those yellow ribbons on cars didnВґt help American troops from being shredded by IEDs in Iraq.

This is the most pathetic argument going in this election.
Do conservatives really believe that patriotism is made in China, costs $5 and is worn on a lapel. If so, why do they place so much importance on something they value so little.
Patriotism is felt not worn. Patriotism is demonstrated with acts of sacrifice – not shouting it louder than the next guy.

I didn’t know that presidential candidates were required to wear a flag pin to demonstrate their loyalty to the country. Maybe we should make them say the Pledge of Allegiance before every campaign speech too, just to make sure!

That’s just dumb. I wouldn’t vote for him but I respect him more for refusing to be forced or shamed into wearing a stupid pin. The people who are making a big deal are the same ones who bought those *removable* American flags to show their support for the fight against terrorism and sticking them on an SUV that supports terrorism directly through needless oil consumption.

It’s what Republicans like to talk about because talking about Iraq and the housing market bust and the falling dollar isn’t good for them.

What scares me are the ones who do wear the flag pin. They are so phony. Take G.W.Bush for example. Phony!

Flag worshippers are dangerous.
The Soviets and the Nazis covered everything in flags

wow is this even an issue, sounds like when the Washington post was talking about how much cleavage hillary clinton was showing.

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