If Barack Hussein Obama is elected how many of you think he will destroy america?

A LOT more than are on here right now !!!

JUNIOR Senator Obama is ANTI-American !!!!

JUNIOR Senator Obama knows TAXES, TAXES, AND, MORE TAXES !!!

He will NOT stop at taxing the rich !!!!

JUNIOR Senator OBAMA wants to END WORLD POVERTY on … OUR NICKEL AND SURRENDER THE United States … to THE United Nations.

Please, search the …

Global Poverty Act (S.2433), … and it is being sponsored by none other than JUNIOR Senator Barack Obama.

JUNIOR U. S. Senator Obama did NOT complete his FIRST term in office !! … with just 143 days of actual experience … he decided … that he DESERVED to be THE President of THE United States of America !!!


AND … In doing so … JUNIOR Senator Obama, the Unions, and the Democrats will be sending messages to big business to downsize in America and send more jobs to foreign countries.

Brilliant ideas from JUNIOR Senator Obama, the Democrats and the Unions (SARCASM) !!!!

Democrats / Blamers … TRY to explain this …

04/13/08 –
President Bush Job Approval
RCP Average
Approve 31.0%
Disapprove 65.5%
Spread -34.5%

Congressional Job Approval (DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED) **********
RCP Average
Approve 22.0%
DISAPPROVE 70.0% **********
Spread -48.0%
Democrats have to recognize that since the 73rd Congress in 1933, for a MAJORITY of THE LAST 65 YEARS, Democratic Houses of Representatives and Democratic Senates have CONTROLLED the nation and the President.

A TOTAL of 38 Sessions with Democrats in CONTROL for 28 of those!

WE need to inform/TELL our political representatives that WE NEED TO PASS a Constitutional Amendment for the LINE ITEM VETO.

This will keep the SPECIAL INTEREST GARBAGE from being attached to valuable legislation.

If Congress wants to give the president that power, they will have to pass a constitutional amendment, Supreme Justice John Paul Stevens said. &quot:If there is to be a new procedure in which the president will play a different role in determining the text of what may become a law, such change must come not by legislation but through the amendment procedures set forth in Article V of the Constitution,&quot: Stevens said, on June 25th, 1998.

IF your special interest is SO valuable, why do you have to HIDE it in valuable legislation?

So, with them REFUSING to PASS the Line Item Veto, in reality, the House and Senate have REALLY been controlling the country!!

AND, with the CURRENT Senate and Congress having the WORST approval rating in HISTORY, hopefully we will see a LOT of changes after the general elections.
A recent Reuters poll is out and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have pulled an upset: They have managed to make George Walker Bush twice as popular as CONGRESS.

RECENTLY – – JUST 13% of Likely Voters now say the DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED Congress is doing a good or excellent job. A recent Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 43% give Congress a poor rating.
Those results represent a slight decrease from the previous month, when 15% gave Congress a good or excellent rating.

Democrats generally believe in heavy fines for honest work, while rewarding sloth and indulgence.

Do YOU think that people should be able to do absolutely nothing productive and get government hand-outs for sloth and indulgence – healthcare, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, STDs, etc. ??

Do YOU want to have YOUR MONEY TAKEN from YOU and YOUR FAMILY to FINANCE these people ???

I do not believe that Obama is on the right path to solving the financial situation and he has the influence to destroy America. When Joe Biden said during the campaign that President Barack Obama was going to face a crisis right out of the gate, it wasn’t a wild guess. He was stating half of the elemental strategy of the Obama administration: HAVE A CRISIS. Biden went on to say that when that crisis arose, Americans should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Dear Leader, no matter what he chose to do, and he warned that &quot:initially, it’s not going to be apparent that we’re right.&quot: Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, gave us the other half of the administration’s strategy soon after the election in a talk with Wall Street Journal staffers: &quot:You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.&quot: So, have a crisis and use it to get things you want that you couldn’t have gotten from people who weren’t frightened. Repeat as necessary. Want to appoint a tax cheat secretary of the treasury? Just tell everyone you’re in a big hurry because of the financial crisis. Want to hand out, in one fell swoop, more pork and more paybacks to more favored political constituencies than anyone has ever handed out before? Write a spread-the-wealth bill like the one the House of Representatives just passed. Just be sure to call it a stimulus. Want to grow government beyond comprehension and make it the master of health care, energy, education, finance and, through regulation, business? Don’t declare the crisis solved until you’ve passed enough phony stimuli to complete your whole hidden agenda. o_O

No I do not fear that if I vote for Barack Hussein Obama that he will destroy America. You guys are nothing without fear.

He’ll be the second coming of Jimmy Carter, another ineffective President. I miss Ron

I think he will make America a better place. He will bring prosperity to our country. He has improved our image overseas.

Are you genetically incapable of expressing a single positive thought?

That’s impossible. Bush already did.


Are you going to ask this same question about McBush?

I do!

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