What is the difference between Muslim conservatives and Christian conservatives?

Muslim conservatives bombed the World Trade Center in New York and Christian conservatives bombed the Federal building in Oklahoma City.

The title.

Despite the religious your unfounded implication of terrorism, Muslim and Christian Conservatives are very similar. Religious Conservatives are religious conservatives.

– Both prefer to have the country dictated by Religion
– Both don’t support gay activities
– Both attempt to restrict the rights of women in society
– Both claim the everyone else is wrong
– Both hold Jesus in very high esteem: one as the Son of God and the other a Great man and prophet.

edit: Just thought of a difference.
– Christians drink alcohol and Muslims don’t…except of course if you are Mormon, they don’t drink alcohol.

The powers that lead blew up the Trade centers in NY u idiot not muslims nor Bin laden but ur own President George w Bush, he is a part of the powers that lead(illuminati) and so were all of ur other presidents and that is why ur country is in debt because ur presidents dont care about you, they care about furfulling the goal of their ancestors which is retake the holy land (Israel) which is wut theyve done.. The Rothchilds run Israel and USA and they are who blew up the towers so they could invade Afghan the worlds biggest heroin proudecer and take control of the drug trade. Yup they want the heroin just like in vietnam and what does that tell you ? all they want is money and power, they dont give a damn about you or the next person. did u know the Rothschilds wealth is more than every person on the Earth put together Yup 500 trillion and its growing everyday, They own every central bank in every county except Iran(which is why US and Israel are making up lies to get everyone to hate on Iran so when they invade it and set up a rothschilds owned central bank nobody will kno because ur all too afraid of a country building nuclear warheads. When ur country has over 100 and ur country is run by the illuminati, who knows what the **** ur country might do. u could blow up the Earth for all we know) so when a country borrows money from its central bank and becomes in debt, it is actually in debt to the Rothschilds.. Sad but true and u stupid brainwashed Amercians just fuel the ******* fire. **** you Amercia I hope the Rothschild destroy ur country like they did so many others before it

You are talking about the very extremes of both groups not the majority of either.

The difference though is that you can come up with few examples of extreme Christian behavior and many many examples of extreme Muslim behavior.

People like you though lie and pretend that difference doesn’t exist.

Christians eat bacon.

Those folks are extremest. Racial social conservatives. Not your everyday garden variety of social conservatives.

Yes an Christian Conservative hunted him down and executed him
I feel a better example is what took place at the DNC when they booed our God we just were disgusted hate to think what would have happened to them if their God was booed

One of them may have a few crazies, but the other is connected to a worldwide network who has openly declared war on the US, and likes to keep women in their place and behead people on TV.
You tell me we shouldn’t have gone after them.

Christian women are a tad hotter.

Their gods have different names but otherwise they act the same. They both want to deny women contraceptives and abortions. They both think that 911 is punishment for a sinful society.

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