Richard Branson or donald trump?

I met Richard Branson in a bar in Puerto Banus once. Well, when i say met…….. He was quite possibly the drunkest human being i have ever encountered (and im irish !) He couldnt speak, move do anything except sit there with a mongy look on his face. His bodyguard had buggered off somewhere outside, (maybe to look at the scantily clad lovelies you get down here) so people were going up to him to pose for photos with there arms round his neck. I might be able to track one down, if i can i’ll stick it on my 360.

So Sir Richard Piss-Pot Branson gets my two thumbs up any day.

Richard Branson

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump.


Umm well I am guy so I am looking at it STRICTLY from a personality perspective in which case I would go for Richard Branson. He is nicer, not pompous and arrogant like Mr. Trump. He also doesn’t marry sleazy women who he ends up getting divorced to months later…Ahem Mr. Trump…

Richard Branson,he’s better looking.

Branson (sorry Donald)

I don’t know who Donald Trump is (visions of Donald Duck trying to play the trumpet).

Give me someone who looks as though he just emerged from an all night sesiun at the Masons Arms and can fly me across the Atlantic any time!

Richard Branson!!!!!

I like Sir Richard Branson, he had to fight his way to where he is now, he had to work hard for his money, unlike some people who could just borrow it from Daddy!

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