Can you neuter a 3 year old male cat??

My friend just gave me a 3 year old cat that has not yet been castrated. I’m afraid if I let in the house it will urinate everywhere. So I was wondering if I can take it to a vet and get it neutered… Please answer! 🙂

Most cats acclimated themselves rather readily to using a litter box. Just keep the cat confined in a room with the litter box and food and water for a couple of days, and the cat will rather readily find the box and use it, and continue using it. If your cat has been an outdoor cat, it may need the smell of soil to give it a &quot:clue&quot: that this is where he goes to the bathroom. If this is the case, simply mix some of your garden soil into the litter.

As for being neutered, a 3 year old can be neutered very well. It is better for the cat’s health, too.

Me… kittyslave23… I know my place.

Absolutely! Go ahead and make an appointment.

Since he’s already been mature for a while, you should buy some Feliway plug-in diffusers (http://www.fostersmith.com) which are a huge help in preventing spraying. Using the Feliway for six months or so will drastically reduce the chance of him spraying in the house even though he was neutered late.

Congrats on the new kitty, and good luck to you both!

YES you can.
A cat can be desexed anytime as they are big enough to take the anesthetic, which is usually from 8 weeks plus. So they can be desexed at 1 year, 5 years etc..
It is generally done at as young as possible, but it wont make much difference.

Very much yes. You can spay or neuter at any age as long as they are healthy enough to go down.


Answer mine?

If the cat is healthy enough to go under anesthetic, it can be done at any age.

simple answer is yes you can!

Yes its ok!!!

Why couldn’t you?

You can and you should.

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