Is a Squier by Fender Bass Guitar a good Bass?

I am going to purchase a bass guitar pack. Is a Squier by Fender Affinty P Bass good? (it’s the guitar that comes in the Squier Bass pack) I’m on a strict budget nothing over $300 bucks! Thank You!

Squier, in my opinion, is pretty crap. I bought a Legend PB400 Starter pack nearly 2 years ago, and it’s still working perfect – and it was the last one on display. My cousin had a Squier P-Bass, and the pickups died on him in less than 3 months.

If a Legend Bass Start Pack is available (it’s cheaper), get that. If not, then just get the Squier Pack. Most people however would tell you to buy the amp and bass separately, because usually start packs are &quot:pieces of junk&quot:, but Squier should be fine for now, just take care of it properly and you should be fine.

Also, register at www.ultimate-guitar.com, and if you ever need to know anything (including problems with your guitar), just ask there and they should be able to help.

I got a Fender Jazz Baz with a built in graphics equalizer. I say you go right to the top and get a nice Fender or get a Gibson bass because why not learn on something nice? You go for second rate boyfriends? Do you eat hamburger when you can choose steak ? Are you going to use margarine when you can be using butter? If you don’t want to spend alot of cash I suggest you be on the lok out for a good used Gibson, Gretch, Fender.

It is a fine instrument to start with. It will keep you happy for 3 or 4 years until you get real good then you will want to get a real Fender. Personally, I would start with a J bass, I like the sound a feel a bit better. Whatever you choose…good luck!

i have a squier electric guitar not bass but its a decent beginner guitar but it ain’t good once u learn like i got a new guitar about a year ago and just yesterday i played my squier and it felt bad and sounded horrible try to find a better guitar if ibanez has bass packages i heard them are kind of good

When it comes to guitars amps and equpment you are definitely better off not buy the cheapest one on the market. If you think about it, they are both going ot last the same amount of time so you might as well get the higher quality product. You dont need the most expensive gear out there, tyr to find a quality\budget compromise.

I’ve played Squire guitars before and they’re not that great but I’ve never played one of their basses.

But for a starter kit I’d say they’re good, my cousin is learning guitar with a Squire guitar and it’s good for the basics but don’t use it if you plan on being in a band or once you’re in one if you are, there’s better brands and models out there.

honestly, it’s just a cheap-*** verion of a Fender. go buy a decent used bass instead.

their really good for the price.

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