Do you believe that today’s religions will eventually become a myth like the ancient Greeks, Egypts, Romans

In ancient times, the Greeks believed in polytheism (many gods), like the Romans… and Egyptians. Today, they are considered only as a myth.

Do you believe likewise that today’s religions (particularly Christianity, Judaism, Islam) will become myths as well in the future milleniums to come???

The belief in the Judeo-Christian God existed at the same time and even before many of the currently accepted mythological religions and persists to present, continuing to expand on a world-wide basis.

The more science tries to explain our world, the more they find evidence to support Christian scripture, if not God Himself. (One need only to look to the unprecedented number of Christian astronauts to see evidence of that fact).

Throughout history there has been an ebb and flow to the growth of Christianity and our time is not different. Not too long ago, in my own lifetime, Christianity was the &quot:in&quot: thing. It was fashionable to wear your cross and Christian gear whether you knew a single thing about what it meant or not. There were tons of &quot:Christians&quot: who were in the game because it was &quot:cool.&quot: Now the tables have turned and the &quot:cool&quot: thing is to be an athiest and proclaim all those who aren’t to be intellectually inept. Of course this position is self contradictory as those who speak most loudy and vehemently against bigotry and sweeping generalization tend to be athiests, who lately have perfected it and made it art.

It boils down to this: What you see around you is largely a product of the political environment. Currently, it is cool to be an athiest. When the wind changes, the sheep will follow. Christianity and other religions based on the Judeo-Christian God are here to stay. One day soon, Christians will be &quot:cool&quot: again and a day after that athiests will be the &quot:it&quot: thing again. Just believe what you believe. Learn as much as you can, and don’t waste your time antogonizing those who don’t agree with you. It helps no one and it makes you look silly and pathetic.

Athiests have their faithful, theists have theirs, then there are the followers of the prevailing winds. It will always be this way.

Good question…star from me.

Absolutely……………..I think people will scratch their heads in disbelief that people could be so stupid.

And It can’t happen soon enough for me.

only to the ignorant and the faithless.

They already are.

god willing

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