When will the Israel pay back the Palestinians?

Israel is commit serious war crime against Palestine, firing rockets into Gaza and slaughtering innocent muslim men, women, and children while occupying the palestine. Israel army has blood on its hand and is filthy war criminal pig.

When will the israel pay back financially the damage that was cause by the war crime and apologize?

The Israeli leaders will pay when the Palestinians are united.

the answer is….. never. because Israel doesn’t owe the Palestinians anything. They consistantly launch rockets into towns like sderot and ashkelon killing innocent people. The problem with Israel’s retaliation is that they cannot specifically target those who are firing rockets because the rockets are being fired from locations that are heavily populated with civilians. The &quot:war crimes&quot: you speak of are not war crimes at all but mere retaliation for the deaths of the innocent.

EDIT: to Terry M: My point is not that Israel kills LESS people. But its the fact that even after repeated ATTEMPTS at peace on the Israeli side, the Palestinians continue to refuse even Israels best offers (*cough* the oslo accords *cough*)

You know our world is round and is turning.
&quot:What goes around comes around&quot:

The hell and heaven are right here in this world !

Eventually in due time !?


Oh, you mean compensation.

Seriously, I think we are looking at 20 years.

right after suha arafat returns the hundreds of millions of euros her late husband deposited in swiss banks. money earmarked for the palestinian people but stolen by arafat to support terrorism and his family’s lavish lifestyle in france.

Every time a rocket falls from Gaza.

When the jews stop feeling sorry for themselves about the holocaust and start learning from it.

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Okay, I’ve got everything all calculated out. I used my handy dandy calculator and this is what I got for an answer: 300,000,000,000 years. It’s not too bad, is it? As for apologizing, well, the other side needs to apologize for all the atrocities they caused Israel, and how many times Israel was taken away from the Jews.

EDIT TO LORD-K: It’s not my fault. It’s what the calculator showed me.

When they become weak

As soon as Arabs say &quot:we want peace&quot: there will simply be peace. Arabs hold the key to the peaceful existence for both Arabs and Jews.

Your hateful rants aren’t helping anyone.


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