i want to start learning how to tune my car?

i want to start working on my car, putting some things in there to increase its horsepower, control, handling, breaks, torque, you know things of that nature?

wehre do i start

and im only 17 so what car do you think i should get, my friened reccommended a honda civic 99, but said thsoe things start getting jacked really fast once you start tuning it

im looking at a mitsubishi evo, i can find one for a reasonable price (under 17k dollars) on ebay or something

im not gonna blow my license speeding or anything, tho i do love to drive, i know how to drive manual. i believe that driving 120 mph on the highway is not as fun as my age group thinks it is, i believe that the real thrill is going from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat, shifting those gears, hearing that motor roar
whaddya think?

Mitsubishi is a good choice! I actually have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. I use to bring it to car shows and everything but lately I have been so busy and lacking the money to have fun. I actually purchased the car when I was 17 years old and it cost me $15,000. I am 19 years old now and I have installed a Cold Air Intake, Mass Air Flow Sensor, a small turbo system, vertical doors, and an apex exhaust system. For breaking I actually left the stock routers since they perform excellent even with the increased performance. I figured when they need to be changed I can upgrade but as of now it is an unnecessary expense.
To give my honest opinion at your age I would highly recommend a convertible. Once you go to college all the girls are going to be begging you to give them a ride in your car. When you go 0 to 85MPH with the top down on the highway it really impresses people. It is also a great beach car. During the summer my friends and I drive a couple of times a week just to go to the beach.
I am very involved in racing motorcycles as well as cars and Mitsubishi makes great quality track cars so if you ever intend on racing or drifting on a track you are buying from the right company. To start I would recommend buying a K&amp:N Cold Air Intake with a mass air flow sensor, then once you have some extra cash get the exhaust. Once you have those installed you will have many other options to increase power like upgrading your pistons or installing a turbo system.
Turbos are amazing if installed correctly. I turned a Mitsubishi 3000GT into a race car and my friend and I installed a Twin Turbo System on it but the unique part was one turbo was smaller than the other. The small Turbo increased low end power while the Large turbo increased the horse power. The small turbo made it so there was no lag. You had constant power even if you missed a gear when racing.
I hope this helps you figure out what you want. I would personally stay away from Hondas. I have had multiple bad experiences with that company. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

You’d be better off with a cheaper car. Sounds like the best option would be a V8 firebird or camaro, or a fox body mustang. They are already pretty quick, and they have a ton of room for improvement.

If you go GM, look for an Iroc/Z28 camaro or formula firebird. Mustangs just make sure you grab a 5.0L. Try to get a 5 speed 89-up for the GM’s, they hold up better. Mustang 5 speeds are about the same, not positive but I think they are the same WC Borg Warner T5 out of the 89-up firebirds/camaro’s with a few different parts.

GM’s look for TPI engines, TBI would be ok but TPI is ideal. Then you could literally tune your car with a laptop.

I’d say go camaro/firebird. All the things you want to change and learn to do can be done relatively cheaply. There’s a ton of info on the web for free too with these cars. Lots of enthusiasts.

go to a drag strip and find out what class you want to be in and join up.get a car start talking to the people and start learning,can be very costly.if u like it u mite be a star.

that’s all well and good dude, I’m 17 too, and idk about you, but insurance is quite annoying for me. lol. so chose a car that will be more insurance friendly, like a 1998 nissan maxima. beast mode that thing up and you could be lookin’ at a 800+ hp BEAST.

=] I’m at 367 with mine.

you better stick to the basics first like plugs and wires. stuff like that until you get more experience.

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