How do you spot a scorpio moon?

can you spot moons, have you ever spotted a moon?

i just wanted to know if anyone i know is a fellow scorpio moon. but i dont know what to look for.

Oooh fun idea! hehe Now I’m gonna start trying to look for peoples’ Moons! 😛

Umm, I don’t think I have &quot:spotted&quot: a Scorpio Moon before, but I know a lot of them. I think because I have a Pisces Moon and we are somehow drawn to each other.

Key word: Strength. They always appear as if they are in complete control, even when they are partying. I have never seen one act sloppy. There is a certain rigidity about their demeanor. Their eyes have a lot of &quot:depth&quot: to them, no joke. The ones I know usually appear to be thinking about something of grave importance, even when the conversation is light hearted. They do not usually have strong emotional outbursts. They can have a temper but their surface is always calm, direct and to the point. I like to picture a pot of boiling water with a sheet of cellophane placed tightly over it. That’s how they behave when they are angered. You can almost see, and definitely feel, the strong emotions they are having, but yet they still sustain an element of control.

They tend to be serious people, as I said above. It does not matter what the Sun Sign is: I know a Sagittarius Sun with Scorpio Moon and this person always has an air of steadiness about them. They seem to like looking or thinking ahead. In relationships, they become very fixated on their partner, though depending on the sun, they will most likely not show it. They definitely don’t LIKE showing it, that’s for sure. They are not quick to discuss their deep feelings for someone and they are most comfortable around the people &quot:lucky enough&quot: to gain their trust. They rarely trust easily and their possessiveness of other people is &quot:silent&quot:. You will just FEEL when one is attached to you.

They can be quite vindictive when they feel they have been wronged, especially by a lover. However, they are emotional and sympathetic, so they tend to get hurt a lot easier than most. They do not like showing their pain: in fact will usually deny the fact to the party that hurt them. In my experience, they can hold grudges for a LONG time, but on the inside are big softies. If one apologizes to a Scorpio Moon, and shows them how serious they are, Scorpio Moon is likely to accept , depending on just how important that person was to them. They can spot insincere apologies in a heartbeat, but if they feel the person is truthful, they will take them back into their life – on probation.

What I Noticed About Scorpio Moon They Can Get Really I Mean Really Jealous.

Also They Have No Remorse When They Really Want Something Very Determined.

My opinion on each Moon sign is:

Aries Moon are short-tempered.
Taurus Moon are nurturing.
Gemini Moon are cheerful.
Cancer Moon are friendly.
Leo Moon are aggressive.
Virgo Moon are naive.
Libra Moon are charming.
Scorpio Moon are sexual.
Sagittarius Moon are athletic.
Capricorn Moon are bossy.
Aquarius Moon are scientific.
Pisces Moon are emotional.

Edit: But remember not to judge people based on their zodiac signs because that is like judging someone because they are black or white. Not all people with the same signs are exactly the same.

~oh yessss! I can spot one from a mile away. Scorpio moons are the people who get jealous super easily!!!

~My gemini ex had scorpio moon..gem’s aren’t supposed to get jealous but with that scorpio moon it was quite obvious!

~They scream emotional depth:
you know those people you always find something deep about them that is kinda dark, secretive and mysterious? Well that’s usually a scorpio moon.

~this sight gives sun placements with moon placements, just click the sun and scroll down to scorpio moon on each sign and vuella! you will be able to point out a scorpio moon, like that XD site: http://www.astrology-numerology.com/sun-…

Have fun 😀

I’ve spotted my own moon before. Aries Moon my lil cousin has an Aries Moon and damn he’s short tempered like his moon sign

Being a Gemini Moon I enjoy banter and verbally teasing people sexually. Scorpio Moons tend to get very upets with me doing this and if its not a Scorpio Moon its almost always another Water Moon.

lol my sis has scorpio moon…I think anyone with thin eyebrows protruding downwards might have scorpio moon rofl..
Idk just a guess..

Interesting I wanna know tOo!


Look at their friends* .

i’m a scorpio moooon 😀

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