What happens if you have sex 4 weeks after giving birth?

Most people will say 6 weeks – but that is only to do with physically (that is if you birthed naturally and with little or no tears.. if you have a c section or had extensive tearing then the time will be pushed out)

The six week mark has to do with your body being physically back in shape. Physically your uterus will be back to a ‘normal’ size ( again dependant upon hormones, breastfeeding or not etc) and are medically are ‘fit’ to commence intimate relations. Ignored and unaddressed are the emotional and psychological changes that have occurred during or after childbirth ( its a huge step form most people in thier relationship both with themselves and thier partners.)

If you are ready, you have stopped bleeding and you have no pain, then honey – you go for it – just take it nice and slow, good quality lubricant and gentleness – be prepared to stop if things don’t feel right ( and they might or might not..)

I’d suggest anyone interested to go to http://reclaimsexafterbirth.com as there are free articles and lots of free info specially in this area. In no way does it demonize men nor pass judgments on any birthing choices or lifestyle choices – there is a spot for asking ANY questions too.

When to start having sex again??? well it depends I guess, on your birth experience and the damage ( physically and mentally) that you have endured and the meanings you place upon those experiences in relation to sex. My advice is to keep an open and honest communication link with your partner and take things slowly – with little pressure – and connect again with yourself as a sensual being, before attempting to touch another. EMOTIONALLY and PHYCOLOGICALLY things shift a lot and it is a journey in reclaiming your sexuality – for both men and women.

oh and congrats on your baby and honouring your relationship with your loved one.

ask your doctor. are you concerned with getting pregnant again, or injury to yourself? many factors here that would all relate to your personal condition and situation

your vagina explodes.

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