My dad wont let me drive my car.. I’m 22?

I am 22yrs old and just got back home from college a month or so ago.
I was rear ended once by a man having a seizure, and my car and myself were covered under no fault.
Coincidentally a month later, a teenager rear ended me and again, it was no fault. Neither accident was my fault.
My dad claims he took me off the insurance when I went away to college and that I am not listed as a driver on the insurance. He won’t let me drive in case I get into another accident because he says he can be sued. The car is not in my name, he bought it for me and it is in his name.
Needless to say this is a huge inconvenience but he is VERY overprotective and I don’t know the legalities of what he is talking about. So, is he just making this up or does he have legitimate reason to tell me not to drive?

If his name is on the title (the contract stating he owns the car) then he is responsible for it and must pay the insurance for it (all vehicles must have insurance–it’s a law). So basically, yeah you can’t do anything about it and he is the right. Even if the accidents aren’t your fault, you’re punished just by being involved–the insurance company would heighten the premiums/price, so if you drive it, he has to pay more. Also, many insurances offer a discount for students, so as you’re not a student anymore, you don’t get it–and this can make a huge difference ($100+). It’s possible your dad simply cannot afford to keep you on the insurance. You’re young too (insurance lowers usually the older you are) and have already been involved in 2 accidents, so the insurance would be pretty high for you. Also, if the car is newer, the insurance would be higher too.

So yeah, you can’t drive. The only way you can is buy your own car or get your dad to put you on the title or insurance on the car you already have. It seems like you can’t convince your dad, so buying is the only option. Note that YOU will have to pay the insurance then (it will be at least $600 a year).

Your dad is right. HE can be held liable for any damage or injury that you cause if you are in an accident.

It is his car and his responsibility. If he allows you to drive the car, knowing that you are not covered by insurance, he is responsible for all damages, injuries, hospital bills, loss of wages, and pain and suffering of anyone who is in your path. He could potentially not only lose his house, car, and everything he owns, but he could also be responsible for millions of dollars in future related medical bills, wages, attorney fees, and pain judgments.

And, Insurance is not a magic protective blanket. All policies have a dollar amount limit of coverage. If you carry coverage of liability only for $20,000.00 as mandatory in most states, and you cause $50,000.00 worth of damage, then the owner of the car is responsible for the remaining $30,000.00 damage beyond what was covered by the original policy.

He did not give you the car. He allowed you to use it under his policy as his dependent child. If he gave you the car, then he would have titled and registered the car to you, under your name, with all appropriate state agencies including DMV and state tax commission, assuming there is sales tax in your state.

Edit: And also if you do end up buying your own car and your own insurance, you need to know that you are liable for any damages caused by your car if you let a buddy drive it. That is right. If your buddy says let me use your car for a taco run, then misses the drive up window and crashes into the taco bell building, YOU are the one who will be responsible for all damages and injuries—even your buddies injuries, because you gave him the permission to drive your car. That is the way that the law works in all 50 states.

A car is potentially a lethal weapon and can potentially kill someone any time it is being operated in public. A car is a very large responsibility and nothing to be joked about or taken lightly for granted. It is not a right, it is an earned privilege and if you are not willing to see that, then perhaps you should stick to the city bus system.

It is his car. Since you are not a covered driver, he has an OBLIGATION to keep you from driving the car.

He is protecting himself from risk, and he is protecting all of the rest of us from the risks involved in an uninsured driver on the roads.

Regardless of the details of insurance coverage, it is HIS CAR. He can make decisions that appear logical or illogical. It does not matter. It is not your car.

The solution is to obtain your own transportation.

It is HIS car. He has no obligation to insure you or provide you with a car. Get a job and buy a car and insurance for yourself.

Its his car, there is nothing you can do except get a job, buy your own car and pay your own insurance

If the car is in his name, he has every right to not let you drive it, especially if you are no longer on the insurance.

Tell your dad that he has no right to stop his 22 year old son from driving. If he’s worried about being sued then he should just put you on the insurance again, try to work out a plan with him maybe so you can pay him your part of the insurance.

guess what.

the law states he owns the car and can decide whatever he wants.

you could take him to court etc… however that would be like you walking up to some random perosn and taking them to court for their car.

its not yours its his and thats how the law works. im sorry…. your 22 get a job and buy a car.

It’s his car (legally) and he pays the insurance.

Until the car is retitled in your name and you pay your own insurance, it’s his decision.

He absolutely has reason not to let you drive.

Pay for your own insurance, problem solved.

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