What is a good car: 0-60 under 6 Seconds, 2004 Newer, Under $14,000 (14k)?

I am really looking for an 04-05 SRT-4 which is typically priced right around $9,000-$11,000. The reason why I like the SRT-4 is because it can get 30 MPG HWY, comfortable to ride around in, has 4 doors and the 0-60 is around 5.5 seconds.

I also like the Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer, however, the performance models of each (STi &amp: Evo) are well above the price point for good reason (AWD).

There are a lot of cars out there that run 0-60 in upper 6s but I really want something comparable to the SRT-4 in performance and gas mileage.

What are your recommendations?

srt-4’s are nice, but the evo and the sti are much better. Though, like you said, a bit more expensive. Between the sti and evo though, the evo is a much better car. another car you should consider is the mazda speed3. Its still a 4 door that has a 0-60 time at around 5.5 seconds, while getting great mpg’s both city and highway. in the end though, you need to look at each car in person and see which suits you best. however, if performance is the biggest factor, go a bit older, look at the bmw m3’s or m5’s. you can still get in the 20’s on the highway, plus they’ll smoke any of the above mentioned cars.

Subaru 06 models engines blow up after 60k along with 2004 evo engines Idk i love both cars but if anything i would pick subaru because every polak has an evo nowadays ..

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