UK atheists: How exactly are Christians persecuting you in Britain today?

I often read here Q&amp:As from UK atheists moaning about how persecuted they feel by Christians, to the point where they now literally hate ALL Christians, because the treatment they receive from them is so unbearable and intolerable.

Perhaps in the USA it’s a bit more difficult for atheists, because there are many more evangelists there than in the UK: but even there to the best of my knowledge atheists aren’t imprisoned or tortured for not believing.

In the UK we are a very secular society and whereas a few decades ago you might get an occasional door-knocker, these days I haven’t had one of those for years and neither has anyone I know. Plus it is very rare to see an evangelist, or Christian group or music band in the street (even the Salvo’s) these days. So I’d really like to know where these intense feelings of persecution come from that British atheists express here, because it’s as though they feel like Jews living in Nazi Germany they way they write!


They’re not. I had some JWs at the door the other day, but I said I wasn’t interested and they went away, there are evanagelist in Hull centre sometimes maybe a year ago.

The bastards keep ringing church bells on Sunday.

Wakes me up WAY too early.

They aren’t but muslims are

I’ve never seen any of this…

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