Why is this happening Arizona Migrant Law Could Psychologically Affect Hispanic Teens?

TUCSON – The pending implementation of Arizona state law SB1070, which criminalizes illegal immigration, could cause severe psychological effects among Hispanic teenagers, one expert warns.

“Adolescence is a very difficult period for anyone, it’s when the individual begins to question who they are and their purpose in life, and this law is telling them that they can to go jail, that they have to have ‘papers’ to be able to be recognized as human beings,” Isis Castañeda, with the Academy of Healing Arts for Teens, told Efe.

Known as AHA!, the academy is a Santa Barbara, California-based non-profit project that is dedicated to creating extra-curricular academic programs that seek to develop character, imagination and social awareness among teenagers.

“I think that SB1070 will only increase the problems of emotional confidence that young Hispanics have, a psychological impact because it makes them also question their own parents,” said Castañeda, the daughter of Salvadoran immigrants who escaped the 1980-1992 civil war in their country.

SB1070, set to take effect July 29, is the first law in the United States to criminalize the presence of undocumented immigrants at the same time that it requires state and local law enforcement to question the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally.

“If these young people are also undocumented, many of them will begin to lose interest in getting ahead, since their chances are very low of pursuing a university career and if they stop they will not have a career,” said Castañeda.

Meanwhile, U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants could come to feel rejected by their own homeland.

She added that these teens could have to live under great emotional pressure since they will fear being separated from their parents or the members of their families who are undocumented.

In her opinion, the use of the word “illegal” to describe people without legal status in the United States sends the message to these young people that they are not welcome.

She added that SB1070 is a law that will particularly affect the Hispanic community that is already facing many problems like a high school dropout rate.

Another thing that concerns CastaГ±eda is the resentment that this generation of immigrant youths could begin to feel against other segments of the population.

“If a group foments resentment against another segment of the population, they’re never going to change things,” she said in a telephone interview.

She recommended that all those families facing this situation should keep talking to their kids to respond to their questions, their fears and, above all, to make them feel that no matter what happens they will be safe and their parents will protect them.

She also said that it is a good time for these young people to learn about U.S. history and to know that they have the option to participate in the main events in their country.

“It’s very important for these teenagers to take action (so that) they feel that they have power and they have a voice,” Castañeda said. EFE


Segregation hurts people.
The segregationists know whom they mean to hurt.

This article convinces me that in order for these youths to feel serene and loved, they and their parents all need to go back to their beloved Mexico. That way they can all live in peace and harmony in their beloved Mexico.

Send their butts back to Mexico and let them build their confidence there !

Very simple solution….go back home. That way the children’s psychological health will not suffer.

Consequences sux.. Deal with it.

if the parents would’ve done things legally then it wouldn’t affect the teens, so it’s not our fault.

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