Why are so many black people fat?

Don’t be flaming my post either, I’m looking for an explanation and I’m sorry if I have to deliver the unwanted truth. America is fat, and the whole world knows it. Although there are fat people of all races, the african american population is driving this statistic way up. Since I heard that detroit was the fattest city in america I thought, well a lot of black people live there and then I also realized that most black people I see are overweight… more than anyone else. I decided to research some figures to back up my theory and I found them. Look at them here… http://www.obesity.org/statistics/

Not only does it blatantly state the black women are the most likely to be obese (followed by black men)… but the highest concentration of obese people in america are in the deep south, where the heavily concentrated african american populations live.

It’s not a matter whether it’s true or not, because it obviously is. I want to know why? Is it because of the rich greasy home cooked food black people enjoy? Is it because being overweight is considered more attractive to them?

I don’t think anyone can answer this on facts. Every person is different. Although, black people are notorious for eating a lot of high-fat greasy foods. I suppose it’s just tradition: to eat hardy home-cooked meals!

EDIT: Rainbows – I have never in my life been called ‘caucasion’. Society calls white people white and black people black. What’s wrong with that? Ugh. People, honestly…
At least he didn’t refer to black people as ‘them’. damn.

Fat Black People

its more that poor people in America are obese –
and blacks are disproportionately income poor.

Culture plays a part – Jews are fat and they are income richer –
a lot of that is culture.

Don’t worry – soon everyone will be fat –
obesity is a community characteristics more than it is an individual characteristic

**** off

Dont know, been in Japan, married Japanese, now my own people seem gross to me

Black people call fat curves. Rolls on top of rolls and back fat is curvy. No whites wimmens be curvy.

Based on the facts you have gathered and assumptions you made from them you have already decided most blacks are fat. You sound angry so i dont believe you are being honest with your reason for asking. It sounds like you simply want confirmation for an already established negative attutude towards blacks. The answer to your question is very simple and obvious to anyone in tuned with American history and culture. The reason is social, economic and cultural.

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well, in my opinion, fat overall generally isnt attractive, regardless of race.

I have heard it goes back to slave times. The owners wanted big strong men to work hard so they got the biggest people to produce big kids. Generations pass and those big genes keep going.

I used to do collections for a bank and went into many colored peoples homes at dinner time. It appeared the elderly ladies of the family cooked all day long as there would at least 4 or 5 meats numerous side dishes and 3 or 4 deserts, heck I never saw such in my family even at Thanksgiving

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