What would you do if North Korea launched a nuclear strike on the United States?

I find it extremely hard to believe that North Korea could get a ballistics misslie to the US and if they did that we couldn’t stop it. However we can’t rule out a sneak attack from a country cooperating with North Korea. They could have missiles being moved to Venezuela who knows? But that’s all speculation that is extremely unlikely. Going back to the hypothetical If they successfully launched a strike on Washington D.C I would joint the Armed Forces right away even if they didn’t exactly need more soldiers I would fight for my country. Would you fight for your country?

I had to answer this question. I have been thinking about this lately. I hate NK, they are threatening to send nuclear Missles to America. Even though I’m not planning or want to join the army, I will do it to fight for our country. I will literally destroy North Korea if they are really going to do it. I’m sick of their crap.

How optimistic are you of your assessment, Captain? Are you aware what the last major army figure who wanted to step up struggle in Korea, Doug MacArthur, was advocating? Comprehend what occurred to him? He obtained canned considering the fact that he wanted to nuke the chinese language. He bought his profession ended through a guy who bought fits. Final I heard, the USA military was operating underneath a civilian CinC, so might be it would be prudent to look ahead to orders instead of suggesting orders. North Korea is speakme a blue streak, however their army will not be moving, so an assault on South Korea will not be plausible. On the grounds that there is no other nation that they stand a risk against within the discipline, it’s nontoxic to claim that they don’t seem to be going anyplace. They’re stuck as caught may also be. My evaluation is a deferral to von Clausewitz. I think that we ought to let diplomacy fail earlier than we pursue diplomacy by way of other approach. I happen to consider that North Korea is likely one of the most predictable AND overrated countries there may be. Commencing any conflict would now not toughen the main issue. They have got no allies now, however battle would alternate all that. They’ll fall down quickly sufficient on their own if we simply stare em down. Their harvests are going to unhealthy once more this yr, and China is rather getting unwell of sending them meals at all times and caring for their refugees. Their production equipment used to be old ten years ago. I fairly could go on and on… Over and over again the U.S. Gets its nose bloodied through banana republics considering that it stoops low to smack any person around. The time has come to realise that if the united states takes care of its possess issues, then time is on its aspect. If it has to play BOY NAMED SUE everytime any individual needs to speak difficult, it is going to get bled to demise. Just as an apart, I would really like to understand what South Koreans consider about this. I think they might trust me, and they have been coping with North Korean whackos for 5 decades… No SIX!. Every day that goes by, SK gets richer and NK will get poorer. SK weapons get higher and better, and NK trucks fall aside. I really suppose some style of Berlin Wall occasion is coming beautiful quickly. If so, must we let South Korea be a nuclear vigor? I suppose i will ask that…

No. I’d sit up here in Canada and pray they didn’t hit Jon Stewart. However, hypothetically if I was american, no, I still wouldn’t. I would move somewhere like Canada and wait it out. I don’t feel national pride. I follow the lifestyle of &quot:only do things that won’t kill you&quot:. Joining the military will and I don’t see any need to throw away my life for a country. I’m a selfish dick, I know.

Personally, if my country will be attacked in such manner – I wouldn’t be able to do much aside from what I only can. These are information dissemination/public awareness/what to do probably thru social media. Second is – I will secure my family first. I’ll be selfish in this but my family comes first. Will not forget of course to ask help support from God – a prayer probably asking to stop if but if cannot be then o or less casualties in the attack. Yes i would fight for my country but not thru violence…i guess my right term is protect my country and people in my own ways.

You have different questions here.

If they &quot:launched a nuclear strike&quot: against us, then we would watch. Then we’d send billions in aid and relief supplies to South Korea or Japan, depending on which one they hit.

If they nuked somewhere in the USA, then it’s war, no question. North Korea is conquered. Then we send billions in aid, etc.

If they nuked Washington D.C., we would send a strongly worded letter to North Korea expressing our displeasure. And we would send it C.O.D. just to irk them.

Duck and cover.

It’s STILL good advice.

A nuke blast will release the brightest light yo have ever seen in your life. You have only moments to take shelter.

Remember that asteroid over Russia? Most of the injuries were from people who did not take cover. Some even ran to the windows to see what caused the flash.

The long delay between flash and blast was due to how high th asteroid exploded. When the nuke comes it will be MUCH closer to the ground.

I wish our country was more like socialist North Korea.

There would be no mobilization for a small pimple like North Korea. We would expect our Chinese friends to pop them for us, and they will.

No need. If they somehow hit us with a nuke, we would obliterate them with nukes within 24 hours

I’m not worried, but I would fight if they did.

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