Do you believe Obama will beat McCain by a Great margin in the Nov. Election?

(Reuters) Democrat Barack Obama has opened an 8-point national lead on Republican John McCain ,according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday

No, it will be the reverse.

Oh man – McCain is really a painful old character these days. The poor old soul! Obama’s going to skin him and hang him out to dry once the actual campaign starts.

For many years the republicans have depended heavily on the Swiftboat lies and &quot:dirty tricks&quot: to get their crooks into office. Along with this goes the voter fraud which has put the present crook into the White House twice.

But Obama and the democrats are much more aware of these Swiftboat practices this time around – This time it isn’t going to work – and Karl Rove will be heading off to prison soon too.

You will see how people have used strategy voting to get Obama going against McCain instead of Clinton, Obama will realize that the majority of people were voting for him in the primaries to make sure McCain has the best chance of being the next President and in no way was he to be taken seriously.

I believe that by October it’s going to be Very close.It’s hard to get a good picture before the Democrats make a decision on who’s running.At that point the healing can began for the party.That poll doesn’t mean much at this point.

How can you poll something at the beginning of it, they havent really started yet, lets wait til the primary is over.

No one cares about John McCain right now because it’s all about the Democratic Primary. Once that is over people will start to here the crazy stuff coming out of McCain’s mouth. I still think this country is split so I don’t think it will be a huge margin of victory.

SSSSHHH, Hannity has several C.D. ‘s which they will air if Hillary will not get the nominee….one C.D will be the Kiss of Death, it clearly shows Michelle ranting and raving anti American and anti White statements, and Obama sitting in the pews,…coming to a T.V. station near you, soon!

The Zogby’s are arab and therefore in the Obama tank. It is nothing but propoganda. They have been wrong in a lot of polls taken this election cycle.

It’s hard to tell at this point. Need to figure out who gets the nom first. Look for Karl Rove to rear his bald, ugly head in a few months. That little rotten snake has something up his evil sleeve, no doubt.

No, I think it will be similar to the outcome of the 2004 election. McCain will win by a small margin of electoral votes. But it will be McCain, make no mistake!

Yes, hopefully! He is an amazing candidate. If McCain becomes president, then we are all doomed. He’s so much worst than the already terrible current president.

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