Jews into palestine…….?

Was the reason why Jews entered Palestine because Hitler took all Jews out of Germany and they had no where to stay?

If not, what was the reason why Jews decided to go into Palestine?

To be more accurate, it was Zionists who decided to take over Palestine in the late 19th Century. Zionism is an extreme form of Jewish nationalism. It was not a religious movement as all the founders of Zionism were atheist Jews.

Nazi Germany, Hitler and the holocaust were the biggest factors that helped the Zionists to achieve their goal. There is significant evidence that Zionists have actually collaborated with the Nazis against the Jews so that Jews would be scared and immigrate from Europe to Palestine.

I suggest you read my answer to this question for a brief and factual history of the conflict:

Because the Jews lived in the land which was named Palestine by the Romans prior to Roman occupation. Most of the land was known as Iudea, the land the Romans considered Palestine originally was a little tiny piece of land, basically the Gaza Strip, which was known as Palestina. It was named for the Philistines, who lived in the region originally. Philistine native =/= Arab muslim.


Israel is God’s chosen people.

God gave Israel the Promised Land.

After WWII the UN helped Israel set up the current day Jewish State of Israel.

When first set up Israel offered the Palestinians peacefull co-existance.

Soon after the Palestinians started terroristic activities against the Israeli Government over Bibical Era disputes.

Israel should be left alone to settle any problems with the Palestinians unless there is a threat to the existance of Israel.

In that case the United States must support Israel.

You don’t want to be fighting Israel on the last day.

Semper Fi

Jews have been wanting to return to Israel for thousands of years, in the 1890s Zionism came around, mass immigration to Israel, mass building, then the Holocaust happened, Jews had enough and many went to the newly forming state of Israel, they have the religious and statehood right.

The UN did no longer pass Jews into Palestine in 1947. in fact, after the conflict, the British Mandate grew to become into adamantly adversarial to allowing added Jews to pass into Palestine, or perhaps grew to become away ships packed with Jews. maximum folk of Jews interior the section on the time have been there from in the previous the conflict, and a great variety of have been there by using fact the unique business enterprise of Israel millenia in the past. maximum folk of the positioned up-WW2 mass immigration handed off AFTER Israel declared its independence, no longer in the previous. the selection to have a nationwide Jewish native land grew to become into made interior the Balfour assertion of 1917. The Arab hostility to any such notion began then and assaults by employing Arabs on Jews proceed to at the instant. The UN commision that set approximately determining the character of it grew to become into began after WW2, and it grew to become into the intransigence of the Arabs and their refusal to be a piece of the fee that led to Israel being larger than even the Zionists concept it could be. for this reason is grew to become into Arab failure to peacefully paintings on the difficulty that delivered appropriate to the worst case, for them. the only different plausible action grew to become into to desert the Jews to the mercy of the Arabs. There could have been a Jewish insurrection and a bloody conflict, without restraint on the portion of the Jewish resistance, if that had befell. in line with possibility if the Arabs have been much less self-absorbed and prideful, they could have worked out a non violent settlement. yet they chosen hatred and violence. did no longer paintings for them, did it?

Jewish people had always lived there, and there was a substantial movement, both among Zionists and independently, for Jewish people to return to their ancestral home before Hitler rose to power, but that certainly was one factor in increasing the flow.

uuuhhh, have you read the bible? this whole israel/palestine fiasco is a religious fude that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years my friend. while your reading the bible..check out us foreign policy along with israels.
its a bit interesting to see how our nations leaders are playing out a biblical script.

the us needs to stay out of religious modivated wars

they were there over 2000 years ago. it is their homeland. palestinians came about 600 AD. the UN had to do with them going back.

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