The Best McCain VP to fill social Conservative appetite?

Give the fact that the conservative base feels that McCain is a bit moderate (socially), would it make sense for McCain to choose a socially conserative VP?

My thinking is that McCain will do very well with the Moderate Republicans. And will do ok with the Hillary supports and moderate Dems.

Could he also pull in a strong showing from the Conserative Republicans with a social conservative VP. Remember, religious Repubicans are generally more concerned with social issues than fiscal issues.

Hence my real question… Is a McCain, Huckabee ticket a nealy unbeatable team?

I agree.if mcain takes the evangelical vote for granted he will lose them

Realistically (since Powell, imho, wouldn’t want the job) either Rice or Watts (I personally would prefer Watts b/c he’s extremely family oriented)

He doesn’t need to pander to the social conservatives. Think about it…..Who are they going to vote for (Obama????….I don’t think so).

What McCain needs to do is to pick somebody that will pull in votes THAT HE DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE.

If he wants to knock it out of the park?

Colin Powell
Condoleeza Rice

McCain is roadkill on the road to the White House. What you are asking is who will commit political suicide with him. I might like to see Mitt Romney. His church is at least as racist as Trinity, probably got over 150 years of racist Mormon theology behind him.

Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, guaranteed win.!!

No more f*****ng social conservatives.

We want government hands out of our wallets, and out of our bedrooms too.

I hope he picks someone really extreme. That’ll drive all the independents right over to Obama.

Social appetite, indeed…

It boils down to two people. Whoever is chosen has to be simpatico with Mac. That narrows it down to David Duke or Hillary Clinton.

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