Is this a good cam for my 63 fairlane?

i have a 63 Fairlane 500 with a 260 V8 and i was wondering if this is a good performance cam for my car? and if it is, how much hp could i expect from it? the cam is the Edelbrock 2122

I put about the same cam in a 221 (1962 V-8 Fairlane) and was happy with it. As far as how much HP it depends on what else you do in the rebuild. I had my engine punched out 030 over and balanced, as well as a mild port job and tuned headers. It could run with the 5.0 Mustangs and even out ran a few. For a carb, I got a stock two barrel off of a 352 to put on the stock intake. It baffled the 5.0 boys that had fuel injection or 4 barrels on their engines. I liked the stock look, but got terrible MPG (17), I am sure that if I had used a 4 barrel that I could have gotten 20.

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