Hey Brits- what do you really think of your health care system?

I am looking for responses based on personal experience.

Okay two prong answer here
Both as a patient and as someone who works for the NHS.
Since the start of the labour government money has been plowed into the NHS and this has helped build it back from some of the destruction that was casued by the previous goverment.
The biggest headache as someone who works for the NHS is the targets and paperwork that have to be completed. However its these targets that have made the wait lists shorter and will go some way to tackling other problems such as infection control.
I feel we are part the way there but still so much to do.
As a patient I am only satisfied with service i have recieved eg a back problem I was seen within six weeks previously I would have had to wait two years thats a huge difference. The one thing that really does grate with me however is that certain treatments are still based upon where you live and the fact that we still give so much free treatment to visitors and immigrants to this country that havent paid into the tax system.

Our NHS system is really easy to get into – fill out a form and go in for a ridiculous physical (temperature check and blood pressure test is what we call a full physical over here). Those with money go to BUPA – real medical treatment facilities that have real doctors (who speak English) and they are nice and clean and orderly – like most US hospitals. But they cost money – just like in the states. I will say that NHS Rx is easy, free and well organized.

As for Canada (I lived there for 3 years)… it’s worse by a kilometer. Check it out – when any high level business or government leader in Canada needs to go to hospital they go south to the good old USA – hospital of choice is Bethesda, Maryland. It’s a joke.

The interesting thing in both countries is that nearly everyone thinks they have Free medical. It’s not Free. It’s the most expensive health care in the world and there are huge problems with it- unless of course you are either a hypochondriac or don’t pay taxes.

I hope you yanks are not stupid enough to endorse Mrs. Clinton’s health plan. She’s in love with the Canada system. Beware! Ta!

Cheers from Lancashire!

I notice all of the complaints I’m seeing in both questions are the same complaints we have here in the US, and we have to pay ridiculous amounts for our insurance. At least in these countries, the treatment is guaranteed. In the US, if a health insurance carrier has a bad quarter, then they’ll denying claims left and right to get the profits back up. The system here is flawed and corrupt. We need help. We’re putting something as material as $ above the well being of our citizens. What year is it again?

Personally i just had a baby 5 months ago and it was barbaric. The midwifes where uncaring and unprofessional the toilets where filthy. There was actually a pair of old socks on the window ledge covered in dust. The doctors i had before giving birth where fantastic but once in Labour it was a horrific experience and i am not talking about giving birth. Old people my mother cares for where left for days without water, left in there own waste its sinful and shameful. One actually caught MRSA after an amputation went from 18 stone to 7 stone and was treated like a 5Th class citizen never mind 2nd. Only when my mother and colleague visited him and they demanded he got care did anyone bring him water or change his bed clothes or even give him a wash. My mother just used to wash him herself.
I know women that said they would rather go to India to give birth next time so what does that say about the NHS?

Ive got mixed views on this one. I have recently been undergoing medical examinations and the care I have received has been appalling. I have had test results go missing, been in dirty hospitals (meat flies flying around whilst there), been treated disrespectfully etc. However, a couple of years ago, my boyfriend was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (insulin dependant) and he as been treated very well from day one. We are both however, very worried about ever having to be admitted to hospital due to the increasingly common risk of catching MRSA and C Diff!

One thing I will say though, is that I think the nurses and doctors are amazing people, who are under resourced, under paid and over worked. They are the kinds of people who should get MBEs, not cricketers and television personalities!

I’m an American who has done his own research!

Both the British and Canadian medical systems are hindered by waiting list for need procedures!

Both use rationing and denial of meds to lower costs.

Canada has a higher % national debt than the US and has higher taxes to pay for all social programs they have.

Britain has a slightly lower % national debt but also has close to a 40% income tax to pay for all their social programs.

Britain has a fast growing private healthcare system because the NHS is inadiquite.

Canadians typically use hospitals in the US as their private healthcare system.
n the US we may have some problems inherent with a free market system but we can find ways to fix it within the free market system! It will be much better to do that that to resort to socialist systems.

Let me ask you this, what do you think will happen to Britain’s NHS when income taxes continue to rise along with their national debt?

****Don’t ignore what I have put here! Please do your own research!

In the 1970s I had a GP who delivered my baby. He was my mother’s best friend’s husband, and a long time personal friend of the family. I never had to wait in the surgery waiting room – we would have cups of tea in the house and go to the surgery for care and treatment when Dr M was ready.

I loved it that way. Not everyone can have it so good!!! Sadly.

the nhs as its called here has gone to the dogs, hospital waiting lists have got longer and dirty, ever since the made ward managers, things have gone to pot, our local hospital has been taken over by a health trust from a diffrent county and now they what to close it down so they can have all the stuff but thing is if they close it the closest hospital is 20 miles away and that is the pits u would be better of going to local doctors or getting your best mate to help u out so as far as the nhs goes its the pitts now

I really hope he doesn’t go for universal health care. Not only would it be raping the hard working American people, but Canada sucks.

I think the NHS manage with what they have, waiting times are too long in the A and E dept,and the shortage of beds doesnt help but what else can they do with the debt they have? The money that they do get goes on all the right things.

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