Do you ever use the phrase &quot:leave me alone&quot:?

Do you really want to be left alone? Or just want someone to stop pestering you?

all the thyme, can be both, why the change of the pic? i lyked the old one better….oh well., lol..

yea i do most of the time i say it cause my bro wont leave me alone

yeah and i really want to be left alone.

sometimes you want the kids to let it go…and leave you alone

Yes, when I am in the bathroom and someone knocks…but only if they knock AND know I am alreay in there.

i seriously want them to LEAVE ME ALONE!…it’s usually followed by ….I AM NOT IN THE MOOD!!


It’s usually for pest protection…

I just say that when I’m playing hard to get……usually backfires on my and they do. haha


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