Did Palin make a big mistake last night???

I just don’t see the &quot:she knocked it out of the park&quot: viewpoint of her speech last night. All I hear was a lot of passive aggressive sarcasm and attacks. I think she made two big big mistakes. First she made personal attacks against Obama and Biden…never about the issues. Second she attacked the media.

Neither of those were very smart things to do. She has now given the Obama campaign the green light to actually start attacks on her. Before this all the &quot:attacks&quot: and rumors came from bloggers and the media…but now since she threw the first punch she will be getting it full force from Obama’s campaign. And if you are already upset on how the media is covering you, the last thing you want to do is attack them at a national event…that isn’t going to make you any friends. Now the media is going to make it their personal mission to drag up MORE dirt (like she needs it) on her…and then we will hear her and McCain cry about how it is unfair. But if you want act like a little kid and reduce to name calling on national TV, you better not cry when it comes back to bite you.

Anyone else think she made a mistake in doing this?

now i see her as completely arrogant

No I don’t think so. Two weeks ago nobody knew her and now for her first public speech on a National Stage like this I think she did very well. I am not leaning to one side or the other. Her family has been in the news with her kid getting pregnant, theories that she was lying about her last child (that it was her daughters), a story about her trying to get her brother inlaw fired and now a story that she had an affair. This all in one week the lady was pretty tough. Was Obama’s speech better? Yes but Obama is known for speaking. This little lady isn’t and I don’t think she will be scared of Biden. This actually might be fun.

Your preaching to the converted who are blind to the reality that Americans with eyes that see and ears that hear would have got from the speech put forward by the Mayor of Wasilla.
It is good that the gloves can now come off because even the moral majority are not convinced.
The only people attending these conventions are the neophytes and acolytes of the high priest and priestess of negative anti-christian rhetoric.All that is missing is the attack on Mr Barracks ethnicity and religious beliefs.
This is a monumental mistake made in part by a candidate who is approaching senility in choosing a woman who believes God invaded Iraq.
Here in the Uk it is creating a lot of laughs and the impression we get is how American politics had been reduced to a circus show and the appearance of the ex mayor of New York..a man who tried to capitalise on the dead of 9/11 only makes us realise how venal and vicious American politics has become.
This is a country who could not defeat people living on rice and wearing shoes made of tyres in the 60’s and 70’s even though they had the technological superiority.I ask did God Invade Vietnam to Mrs Pallin?
This is a country only 50 years ago who came and helped us here to defeat an enemy intent on destroying civilisation.This is a country that has influenced contemporary culture in art,music and film and was the ideal of all young people searching for that place they could call their own America and now we see what these anti-christians with their insane beliefs that a Jew called Jesus would place them above all others and would physically in a state of rapture carry them off to heaven and this woman is the pinnacle of that belief and you expect the world to take her seriously never mind your own delluded brainwashed people.Get a grip.Wake up America.Where have the real Americans gone.What happened to indivisible under God?

She also went after Michelle Obama in a sly way, so I guess her family is fair game. And, if you can parade them around on national TV showing off how pretty they are and use them as a tool to make yourself more relatable, then get ready for the other side of the coin. You can’t have it both ways.

And I didn’t hear any plans on how/where McCain was going to cut taxes, how he would stimulate the economy, how he would keep jobs in the US – simlpy that Obama would be horrible across the board.

I thought Palin did a good job, but she did misrepresent her record.

We’ll have to wait and see how good she is at adlibing when she has no prepared speech sitting in front of her.

I’m a guy, but I truely can’t imagine any woman, unless they’re over 70, voting for this woman?!

Did the McCain camp think women are so dumb that Palin will actually pull Hillary women away from Obama? Let’s face it…Hillary and Palin are 180 degrees apart.

I agree with you. I didn’t watch the full speech but from what I heard all she did was attack Obama. I don’t know if people in Alaska are suffering but in the Northeast and other regions of the country we are suffering from this bad economy. I feel like this is more of a depression than recession. And you are right that Obama hadn’t really attacked her…he even stuck up for her pregnant teen daughter but reminding us he was a product of a teen pregnancy. I can’t wait until they attack her…I’m sorry but Palin’s experience is being mayor of a town of 8,000 and governor of two years of a state like 30% the population of Chicago alone. McCain doomed his candidacy…

Answer: No.

It is the traditional role of the VP to be an attack dog, and Biden did the same in Denver. As to giving the green light to &quot:start&quot: attacks on her, the attacks were launched by the Obama team in a fashion that made &quot:shock and awe&quot: in Iraq look like a tea party. I am looking forward to the debates. At least she will not try to hide behind a skirt a la Hillary in the debate with Rick Lowery in 2000. And let’s see if she cries in public over the personal attacks. Somehow I doubt it.

Yes. Just more blunders. What I saw last night was an audition for attack dog. They certainly have all green lights now and as for the media, they have been beating themselves up for not asking more questions in the lead up to the war, in which they failed miserably, i don’t think that will happen now!

Obama has too lots know for McCain as a senior senator and previous Dude. He could’ve have blasted McCain for Troopergate yet then i in my opinion have self belief that Obama is making an attempt to run a clean marketing campaign and easily needed to handle the themes. in assessment to McCain. The voters will comprehend who the greater acceptable candidate is interior the tip and which would be Obama’s advantages. Peace y’all

First off, she didn’t personally attack Obama, she made very valid points.

As for coming at the media, I’m glad she said her piece and pointed out how wrong they are. The media is very liberal, so even if she kissed their *** and sang their praises, Obama’s face is still going to have more air time than her. She had nothing to lose.

I didn’t get it either. I also notice the Republicans completely ignoring the elephant int he room – The economy. None ahve addressed that at all. Everysingle person got up there and went on and on and on and on about McCain being a POW..yeah..we get it already. And I respect that because Im 3rd generation Veteran of Wars for thsi country,But that doesn’t make him a President

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