Can a minor open a bank account (with parent consent) and actually use it?

My mom doesnt have a bank account herself, so can she open one for me?

Yes you can open a bank account in only your name with your moms help you can have a checkbook as well as a ATM card most banks have a limit of age 18 to get a credit card from the bank in only your name

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It depends on state laws and banking regulations. Some states do not allow minors to open a checking account. You can always open a savings account with or without your mom.

Parents can set up accounts for children in banks
either full use or deposit only. For the deposit only the bank requires both your signiture and your parent -co-signer to withdraw money. You however may deposit money anytime in the account with only your signature. Check with your bank about the rules for cashing checks against the account.

You should be able to open if your mom is also an owner of the account.

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